Incentive for new players to play the game longer


I noticed that many times new players start to play the game and dislike it after a short time. Some of them come to this forum and suggest some ideas. After coming back and playing the game for a longer period they really enjoy the game. So I think the real reason why they don’t like the game at the beginning is that they aren’t use to it. So how about adding some reason for them to play the game longer than they would. Perhaps you could give them daily rewards at the beginning which get better with everyday. What do you guys think?


i think world events will be introduced in the expansion, but that’s not for a long time :frowning:

i’ve racked up 500+ hours on this game and i WANT to play orbus but i feel like there isnt anything worth doing and there is nothing pulling me into the game


Needs more grindables, daily and weekly quests, and a lot more special and seasonal events with linked items. Limited time stuff and such is a plus.


Yes, give out daily rewards/ weekly rewards such as weapon skins or unlocking different colors/dyeables/patterns.


I think one of the biggest reasons new players lose interest is because of how bad the main story quest is. A lot of players, especially the more casual ones, play mmos like they would a single player RPG, so what they are looking for is an interesting, straightforward story to play through. Currently, the main story quest missions are often confusing, leaving players unsure of where to go or what to do. When the quests aren’t confusing, they are usually pretty boring, either simple kill quests, or the absolutely ridiculous number of “walk across the map to talk to someone only to be sent back across the map to talk to another person”. The long walking also leads to a lot more motion sickness, and so shorter play sessions (at least my brother and I had this problem).

This is one of my concerns for Reborn, since so far we have only seen weekly missions and Riley said there was going to be no single main quest line. Does this mean leveling players won’t have a story to follow? Personally I think this would be a huge mistake. I understand not wanting a huge chain, but why not do what most mmos do and have quest hubs which link to each other in some semblance of a single story, but don’t require completion of one hub before going to another. Also, I do like the mystery/exploration part of the current quests in the game, and would love to see that return in Reborn, but I think these sorts of quests should be relegated to side missions so that players trying to level up through the “story” don’t get stuck.


Yes kill quests get kinda boring. The first few are fine, but mix it up and put some puzzles, like go to a place and put puzzle pieces together, kill moving targets, have a simon says musical puzzle. There was this one VR game (short game), Chiaro and the Elixir of Life, but they had a variety of different puzzles. It wasn’t too hard, but some required trial and error and they mixed up.


Hm interesting I had none of these issues and quests looked pretty much like in any other MMO to me; specially the kill x of these kill y of these I found even more frequently and they don’t bother me since I like to explore an area just like this, by getting used to mob types. Riddles are a greater risk to get players stuck, vr can make these a pia (like the wheels on which I almost got stuck because of grabbing/room setup issues). Isn’t there lots of creativity and diversity already with several escort quests, interception of weapon’s delivery, killing of the “wanted” people (brotherhood questline), harvesting, fishing or crafting the potions for Tiny? However, more side quests couldn’t hurt, one difference I noticed is that in other MMOs there’s exclamation marks all over the place if you enter a town, not just, like, one of them.
A major pain has been the abberration quest and the tradu mine cape quest, the only one I struggle to finish because there is simply not enough players to group up and work on them anymore.
The other thing is the missing dailies. If there was anything, even a dram reward, I am sure I’d login to pick them up and do them, however this is addressed in reborn so all we need is wait.


Hey all!
I am pretty much one of the new players that didnt really stay. For me you guys are right with the story aspect of things. I hop in and it feels like the story right now is all over the place. Also while having the markers above things heads is neat, it also does not matter when you have to get almost close enough for them to see you to be able to see the thing. Iv died more times than I can count by going to an area I thought I could handle and instead got destroyed because of this. Also I think it should be fair to say, like dnd, the challenge rating does not solely depend on each individual creature but also how many there are.

Also as a caster it is sometimes pointless for me to play when lag spikes hit the servers. I was trying to play on my own away from the world event, but the server lagged my area so bad that even the beginner monsters were killing me when usually it only takes a fireball 2 to kill them. Buggy gameplay can really kill a game. I get casting is supposed to be the hardest thing. But can it be toned down a bit? Like have a little leniancy. While I can cast most things great, I hoped in the beta and it was ungodly hard to do any cast. And you can never take a sick day early on or skip, otherwise the muscle movements are not there to the point I had to sit in my house and trace cast for half an hour to get back to a fraction of what I was.
In the end my main gripe isnt that the story is really bad, its beginner difficulty to even get used to things with lag spikes galore. How can anyone get a sense of accomplishment when one second the red demon rabbit is acrost a field stuck in place running at you. And a few seconds later it pops in right next to you and your down to half health? Or you spawn in under the world in your house.

To clarify as well, I can run any triple A game out there no problem and do tons of things online and see no latency. I test my system once a month for that type of thing and my up down connection is fantastic. And I had a friend test it out with his computer and he had same issues several cities over, his computer a bit better than mine. So its not just me having the issues.


I’ve been saying this for months.

The early game lacks so much incentive, there’s no feeling of rewarded progression… TBH the most dis-heartening thing for me is that you get EVERY SKILL from lv 1… I never once felt like I was playing an MMO where you EARN NEW POWERS that’s like a staple feature for MMO’s… to level up and get new skills. I lost so much motivation to level up once I realized I was NEVER going to have any NEW tactic for my class.


You do get some new stuff as you progress, albeit nowhere near as much as a typical mmo:

Runemages get dots, dot spread, and left-hand mechanic
Muskies get replacement and empowered turrets
Rangers get specialization into precision or rapidity

Not sure on fighter because I never played it hahah

Edit: I do think that having some actual ability progression would be nice, welcome, and great to improve the almost stagnant combat system we currently have. Adding a few orbs to the game for musky, some new combos for warrior, etc., would be great!


Hm, really not sure what class you play, but as for musky tactics, they change like entirely after getting empowered turret… with empowered turret it is basically a different way to play in groups since you no longer heal (so much) directly but care for loading the turret. With relocate you will no longer be overly careful when and where to throw it out, moving much more around, even farming is different since you want double poison etc.
And same with ranger and warrior on my alt I couldn’t wait to level to get some abilities…


Compare those 2 addition tactics each class gets to the 50 each class gets in any other MMO…

Considering VR has more potential than just pushing a button to make something happen, it seems like a VRMMO COULD have more potential, even something like Destiny (which is barely an MMO)
has more uniqueness to each class.


Yah… ranger is probably the most unchanging class as you level.

Healer you start swapping orbs, tank you lurn to kite and comboes, mage you do shortcuts and change rotation.

But ranger you have two good arrows and everything else is shit. No changes.


yea lol, the only thing that changes is how much your arrows do in damage from shooting quickly or shooting far away.


I’ve been on these forums for over a year and heard that exact or similar statement over 200 times by now.

I’ve seen countless posts complaining about how the ranger class is built and it seems like the developers are just laughing at ranger mains… they seriously seem to have not cared one bit about it.
roughly 1/3rd of the player base is unhappy with how their class works and the developers say " you know what we need? is hats that people can spend $5 on"


Ranger has a high skill cap.


rofl… i bet you cant do that more than once every 15 seconds… because the spread arrow has a super long recharge time.


Spread arrow is 5 second cd


Well, ranger has one of the most complex tilesets (at-least optimalization for best tilesets) which makes it a lot more interesting than most people are willing to spend time on.

And they did change a lot about multiple classes in the past. So yeah, they might need to at-least be a little bit more open on things like the ranger vs mage and lack of ranger trap usefulness (which in my opinion they kinda ignored the complains but not completely ignored bc of reborn extra classes). But I really think you are overreacting here. That $5 pet shop thing came also from the same type of of long standing complaints from the community, so yeah…

Also, 1/3th is unhappy with their class is also an overstatement. Or at-least you trying to make it look like something more bad than it is.


The biggest thing that would help new players is, a better map with a “you are here” dot. Indicating where in the world of Orbus you currently are located