Index controllers: adjust rotation of controllers


Playing a runemage feels extremely uncomfortable right now. the controllers need to be rotated about 30 degrees downwards.

For now I will not use my index controllers until this is fixed.



Ya it’s super uncomfortable, noticed that yesterday too


There was mention of this (I assume the same issue) with a nice diagram from Katvet here:


We definitely plan on adjusting the angle, I think we mentioned that in a previous thread somewhere.


Okay. I just wanted to make a stronger case for the change. I currently am not using my index controllers because it is so uncomfortable.


I totally agree with j here, we were waiting for the controllers sooo long and want to use them :grin:


I have 3 pairs of index controllers sitting here…

When will this change happen? All us index mages are patiently-not-using-our-expensive-index-controllers right now.

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Is the angle the wand points closer to the touch controllers? Or is the angle change even more drastic?


a little bit more drastic (30 degrees instead of 20 degrees I guess). I have to stretch my wrist down to the maximum to cast effectively otherwise I am always casting at an angle using my shoulder and elbow to cast. exhausting.

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Exactly, arm killing. We need an option/change for index users


if this is all done client side and one solution does not fit all, perhaps a configurable angle in the advanced settings would be the easiest as there’s a lot of headsets/controllers out there these days and only more coming


Just please also fix the ui menu glitch that changes settings, or else I can see this getting really bad really fast


Got my controllers today, they feel amazing in VR. However in Orbus the angle of the controllers feel very off and its a shame not to be able to use them after so much hype/waiting. Any ETA on when this will be adjusted?

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Well thats atleast 5 people I know with the controllers who do not like the angle in Orbus :smiley: . I guess I will not be using these controllers on raid release.


Would be neat if the player could customize the angle to their liking.


that would be the way to solve the problem for everyone all at once yes.


I spent a couple hours researching and trying to do this using the SteamVR remapping system… I was really hoping it was just hidden under layers of weird mapping GUI… Never did find anything :frowning:


Seeing as it hasnt been asked… Given the threads feedback; do you think it might make more sense to just add a rotation adjustment setting in the settings as well as adjusting the default position.

as mentioned by another user here:

also some idea on a date for this? We all bought our index controllers and are waiting to use them in orbus.

Hand model placement severly off

I just got these as well. My hands are also rotated upwards, but when I take out my bow it is rotated downwards.


Wanted to reply to the thread so there’s an official response and time line. We are aware of the angle problem and will have a patch to fix the default knuckle positions out within the next 2 weeks to fix it (hopefully sooner). We want to add individual finger tracking when we have time in the programming cycle but it will be farther down the road.

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