Instrument of Defense Debuff

The Instrument of Defense says it places a debuff on enemies to make their projectiles do less damage. I’m not seeing any debuff appear above the healthbar of enemies. So, a few questions:

1: Is it an invisible debuff?
2: Is it working? I’m not seeing a noticeable difference in health drop when I use it vs when I don’t.
3: If it is working, what is the % decrease?
4: Does it/is it supposed to work on bosses as well?


Semz highlighted this like 9 months ago, it was added to the list but nothing has happened afaik

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Here’s to hoping for an update/fix if necessary. I’ve been wanting to try some change ups at higher level shards.

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Not the most scientific testing, but based on running into the same mob three times, it looks like this instrument isn’t working at all.

Is this something we can push for? Helping mitigate damage from ranged attacks would go a long way for Warriors and DPS in shard dungeons.


To make it scientific, you just check the combat log if the number that hit you is different. Buffs and debuffs like to be in the 2%-10% range in this game. A.k.a. not noticable in amount of hits or even in health bar left. Its quite a fast easy test.

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Thank you! I totally forgot to even look at that.

First test here was for Instrument of Protection: Supposed to decrease Damage over time effects. The first combat here was without the Instrument, second was with.

0 Difference.
Instrument of Protection is not working as intended.

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These logs are from Instrument of Defense. First combat was with no instruments active, the second was with Instrument of Defense. Note that there are two bits where I hit the baddie because I wanted to start combat and kite for enough time to apply a debuff, and then to interrupt his heal.Defense

Again, the Instrument seems to be non-functioning.

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It doesn’t seem like it’s working as intended, we’ll take a look at this when we get a chance. Thanks for bringing it up.


Appreciate the quick response. If there’s anything I can do to help with that let me know.

Just to pay respect to Semz’s previous scientific report


It’s nice to know that I should stop using Instrument of Defense till this is fixed. On a side note, Instrument of Speed works fine, right?

Yes that works fine

Another thing to consider after testing today: What is the crescendo useful for? The only buff I’ve seen on enemies is the Bolster used by Tear Casters, but as this log shows, that doesn’t actually do anything to up their damage.

I tried using Defense Crescendo to debuff Enrage off of Minotaur in Broken Halls, but it didn’t work (not that I was expecting it to, but I could hope!). It doesn’t appear to have any use in the game at the moment outside of PvP.

Noted today: Protection crescendo does not remove Bleed debuff from raid Pot Tank boss.

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I’ve taken a bit of a long break, but don’t recall why this would ever be the case even it was working? Just curious. They seemed to have implemented those effects as an unavoidable kill hammer due to mistakes made in skill (not something I agree with) on high level content.

The crescendo says it removes one harmful effect from nearby allies. Bleed is definitely a harmful effect.

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Oh right! Forgot that in the flavor text. Thanks. Its been broken for so long I stashed it on a tab I never look at.

All good amigo. I’m running new things and testing theories regarding Bard lately, as I want to do more than just two heals and two damage instruments. I want to be able to get rid of DOTs, reduce damage, get that stamina boost, etc. There is so much the Bard can do that the one loadout can’t possibly be ideal for EVERY situation!


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