Interactive map

Update v2.16.1 - SpringFestival

  • added spring festival stuff
  • added new lore books
  • added new NPCs
  • added decurse spell pillar
  • removed winter festival stuff

Update 2.16.2

  • added a menu to go to the different maps
  • added options for disabling Individual filter lists, this also disables the contents of the list
  • added frost/fire 3 to the frost/fire 2 tooltips
  • added auto-focus feature
  • updated credits
  • fixed icon list for custom markers
  • fixed some legendary fish not being toggleable on the isle

Update v2.17.0

  • updated playerhouse map
  • updated locations of objects in the playerhouse
  • updated some quest NPCs to questgivers
  • added new NPCs
  • updated Randel’s position
  • fixed minor issue with startup

Update v2.18.0

  • added teleport spell page
  • added “The Cigar Merchant, Chapter 1”
  • overhauled the search feature
  • changed the wording of a few tooltips and some toggles
  • reworked filter toggle logic, this will not have any noticeable effect when using the map, but was necessary for the search overhaul
  • changed the layout of the buttons to switch the floors in the playerhouse
  • fixed minor issue with the fugitive(grim reaper IV target)
  • fixed typo in filter list
  • fixed issue with some nodes in playerhouse
  • fixed minor issue with player position in playerhouse

Search Overhaul
When you search for an object, all objects that match your search will be enabled, regardless of whether it’s enabled in the filter list or not. You will also get a list of the first 50 objects that match your search, clicking one of them will switch to the map that it is on, then zoom in on the object.
This should make the search feature easier to use and allow you to more easily find what you’re looking for.


Update 2.19.0 - Summer festival and K’tula’s Cove

  • added map of K’tula’s Cove and everything that goes with it
  • added summer festival stuff
  • added new quest NPCs
  • added fishy individual
  • added misc new NPCs
  • added new lore book
  • added safezones around teleport pillars
  • changed the credits text slightly
  • removed spring festival

Update 2.19.1 - Hotfix

  • fixed isse with some settings
  • updated guardian tree sapling icons

Also wanna give a quick shout to the original interactive map of orbus, which inspired me to start this project. Had @J11 not made his map way back in the reborn betas I probably never would have even thought to make my own.


Been working on the maps and potentially improving them, I’m pleased with the result in terms of similarity to the actual world of orbus, however I’m not sure how much of an improvement it is with the purpose of being maps as i feel it might reduce readability slightly.

Which do you prefer?

  • new maps
  • old maps

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Which side is new and which side is old

Left is J’s map.

left is new map, right is the current map

love left map more for sure on highsteppe. others also nicer paths on left one.

K, people like the new ones it seems(doesn’t matter anymore tho, already put too much work in to not use it :rofl: )
Next update should probably be sometime tomorrow with a bunch of new maps(not just overworld) and hopefully a hefty reduction in download size. nvm

here’s a little sneak peak


Update 2.20.0 - new maps

  • updated following maps with new shaders and textures:
    • Overworld
    • The Forsaken Isle
    • Crypt
    • Sewer
    • K’tula’s Cove
  • made brand new maps for the 4 DLC zones

The static maps maps have now also been updated, you can find them in the discord or here:


I am starting the prosses of creating new and better static maps, for this purpose I have made a survey so you all can let me know what you would want on a static map. It would help a lot if you could take the time to fill it out, thank you.

Update 3.0.0

  • added new static map tool
  • updated big parts of the UI
  • updated abandoned Mine map
  • updated Ruins of Guild City map
  • updated app icon
  • minor improvements made to the Overworld map
  • minor improvements made to K’tula’s Cove map
  • minor improvements made to the Citadel map
  • reorganized some lists
  • renamed “Special” list to “Miscellaneous”
  • split some long tooltips into multiple lines
  • fixed issue with mob list

Static Map Tool
The static map tool allows you to make static maps yourself with whatever you want on them. This means that if you think my static maps have too much stuff and are too hard to navigate, then you can make your own with just what you need and they’ll look just as good as my static maps.
The tool lets you create lists with all the items on the map and text telling you what they are. These lists can be moved around to wherever you see fit and snap into place.
In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve released new static maps of my own, they were made pretty much only using the new static map tool. So if you’re curious what you can make, check out the demo video linked at the bottom or check this post

To access it you have to enable it in the settings, it will be disabled by default every time since it’s not really something you will likely use often. Other than that Most of it’s pretty self explanatory(i hope), but I have also put together some documentation for it, so if you’re not sure what something does, check the documentation linked at the bottom.

UI Overhaul
The rightside UI is now way cleaner and IMO better looking, but then again I have been staring at it for way too many hours so please give me your honest feedback on it. The biggest part of updating the UI was the backend, but that also means I can now very easily make further changes to it, so let me know what you think of it and what you might want different.

With the recent search overhaul, new maps and now a static map creator and UI overhaul I felt it was about time to jump up to 3.0.0. The map is better than it has ever been before and at thins point it feels almost “done”. Then again, I though that for the 2.0.0 release too, so who knows, I’ll probably find more things to add and I’ll of course be updating it with orbus to stay up to date.

New Launcher
Due to several issues with the old launcher i have finally made a new one. Layout and functionality is the same, but it looks a little different and doesn’t require .NET Core to run. It can be downloaded using the same link as the old launcher.

Static map tool demo

Static map tool documentation

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Update 3.1.0 - Quest Helper and Fall Festival

  • added Quest Helper, currently only with the Pre-MSQ and MSQ quests, more coming
  • added Fall Festival mobs and NPCs
  • added missing light spell
  • added missing npc in sarrows’ cave
  • added table of contents to the journal, which allows you to jump to more specific parts of the journal
  • added pre-MSQ and MSQ to the journal
  • reorganized the journal
  • updated public event icon
  • updated mission vendor icons
  • updated quest item icons
  • updated sprites for multiple UI elements
  • updated credits, (hopefully)everyone who has helped find/fix an issue are credited now
  • items in the search list now match the color of their respective category
  • any identical objects in the same zone will be grouped and show as one item in the search list instead of showing each one individually
  • minor performance improvements to the search system
  • reduced the size increase when hovering over collapsed filter lists
  • fixed minor issue with some of the search list
  • fixed chaos blade tooltips not being numbered
  • fixed lost wood numbering
  • fixed some tooltips

Quest Helper
The quest helper let’s you look through the quests of OrbusVR and see all you need to know to complete it. It even guides you to the items, NPCs, Resources, etc. you need to complete the quest. If you’re stuck at a specific quest you can search for it and let the map guide you through what you need to do.
Currently only the MSQ and Pre-MSQ quests have been implemented, but more is coming, eventually I hope to have all quests on the map.
Quest Helper Demo:


Update 3.2.0 - Plateau of Apophis

  • added Plateau of Apophis dungeon and everything in it
  • fixed critter capture so they can be searched for and focused on
  • improved the search algorithm
  • changed “Books” to “Lore”
  • Updated mob categories of chaos mobs to be more consistent with in-game names
  • many misc. improvements and minor changes i forgot to write down while working on the discord bot

Update 3.2.1 - Winter Festival

  • added winter festival stuff
  • removed fall festival stuff

The Map bot has also been updated with the winter festival stuff


wow, the download link to the launcher just hit 1000 clicks! That’s not even counting direct zip downloads or download links posted with the patch notes.

Thank you all for using the map, reporting bugs and giving feedback, it’s what has motivated me to keep working on it and keeping it up to date.