Interactive map

ah, ok. :smile:

Update 0.7.2

  • updated some incorrect fish locations
  • added lure components needed for each fish as a tooltip on fish
  • added more trickster spawn points
  • made it so you can start the map before starting orbus and still get player position and the other combat log stuff. You do still need to restart the map if you restart orbus tho

Update 0.8.0

  • added public event tracking, now public events have a circle behind them which reflects the in-game beams, as well as being gray about 5 min before it goes green. All public event tooltips also show the time left until the next time it starts or how long until it ends if it’s already started.
  • added a clock that shows the server/game time
  • added more trickster spawnpoints(not a whole lot tho, think I’m getting close to having all of them now)

Update 0.8.1

  • fixed issue with getting the server time

currently working on getting all the new zones added to the map as well as all the quest givers and items in the zone and probably also the tresure map locations, but it’s a lot of work so it’ll take a few more hours.


Update 0.9.0

  • Added maps for the new zones, to view them click the location icons for them on the map. It also switches automatically to the mini zone map when you enter one of them and back to the overworld map when you leave.
  • Added the locations for the new mini zones.
  • Added apprentice smiths
  • Added Quest items, Questgivers, Events and Quest mobs to the mini story pack maps
  • Added more trickster goblin spawn points

The pathfinding does not currently work in the new maps, I’ll do that by next update just thought it is more important to get the quest item locations, questgivers, ect out and working first.
Tresure chest locations are also coming by next update.


Update 0.10.0

  • added all treasure map locations with the treasure maps as tooltip images.
  • added navmap to the new zones, so pathfinding now works there, the bridges don’t work tho(due to limitations of the navmap) so paths that would use bridges will not be right. I’ll look into it tho and see if I can make it work at some point.
  • added Spyglass quest item
  • removed incorrect smith in hollow’s creek
  • Updated lost wood tooltips with numbering.
  • Updated some fish locations and added color differences to the water in the rainforest and hulthines basin, the different colors represent the different “ponds” which have different fish.

You are doing god’s work

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Update 0.10.1

  • fixed tooltips and tooltip images going past the borders of the window
  • added more trickster spawn points



Same hour:
Knights Fort ended 1 minute early (+1 minute timer on map)
Obonobi Encampment ended 20 seconds early (+20 seconds on map)
Goblin Spawned about 5 minutes earlier than the timer.
Server time thinks it is April 16.

Will keep looking/using the map, pretty sure events start on time but do not always end on time (for the events that can’t end early).

I can run the map just fine with Oculus Dash Desktop view but it’s definitely creating friction with the oculus dash individual window option (the plus sign). Using the original Oculus Rift. As soon as I turned it into it’s own window and dropped my compass, the map and captureservice crashed (again, I don’t know why… but it does). After this happens I’m unable to re-open the map as an individual window until I reboot (not sure what process to kill or restart). I get the yellow background exclamation sign that normally would be requesting to run in admin mode. However this is no visible request to allow the app to do so on my desktop. I’ll actually try that, running it in admin mode next time to see if that prevents the crash.

Updated it with the rotospore and bloodcaps you showed.

no, the goblin spawns 5 minutes after the message pops up. That’s when the map should switch to a slightly bigger 5 min countdown. If you read the paragraph about the timer in the main post it explains how it works.

By server time i mean in-game time, which is currently april 16th of year 745, I just have it listed as server time because that’s what the orbus devs calls it on the API

yeah, all of them should start on time, but the end time and the times it switches colors doesn’t always align perfectly, it’s something I’ve been meaning to look into.

The app doesn’t rely on admin privileges for anything and this shouldn’t make a difference. I don’t know why it would crash, especially not if it happened when you dropped your compass, if anything it would happen when you grab it, that’s when the combat log updates.


Thanks for the responses (been awhile since I read the original post, my bad for goblin)

Here’s another roto spore

Suggestion: Add teleport pillar symbols when hovered over, or have their own category (frost chickenfoot for highsteppe, for ex)

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Extra Trickster spawn point found this morning.


Wow. This went pretty far! Nicely done.

Was considering popping onto Orbus again soon. Anything in particular I should update on the static map or do you have it all settled? :slight_smile:


main things that should be updated on the static one are fish locations and some of the fish bait.
Other than that would be the new dungeons, chaos blade quest items, maybe add the mini story pack zone locations and there are also other adjustments I’ve made to some things that were a bit off, but can’t remember all of it.

Update 0.10.2

  • Added tooltip images to teleportation pillars with runes, showing what the runes are to teleport there.
  • Added scrolls that are in highsteppe and player house.
  • Added tooltips to scrolls saying what journal pages it unlocks. Since highsteppe on the map isn’t very accurate the scrolls there also has the rough location in the tooltip.
  • Added missing apprentice smith by water in highsteppe
  • Added more trickster spawn locations
  • Fixed rainforest and hulthine water showing over some nodes.
  • As a rebellious act against the mob boss I have removed the tooltip for mishka’s cave and changed mishka rock back to Obsidian. Let us show that we wont play by his rules anymore and work together to bring an end to the mob we all fear so much.

Bounty is up, errybody.


Made the fish bait change that Rickness pinged me in on a thread last month. If you’ve adjusted your map with the revised fish, can you send me a static of it and I’ll update mine accordingly? If not, please let me know the changes that need to be made.

Hmm. I guess I can use yours as a reference here and adjust

I dunno about how @Åsmund_T is handling his markers, but on the static map at least, the idea is to be representative of an area where they’re spawning. It looks to me like you’re standing in an area surrounded by them on the map…

I looked at the nodes as “possible area where they might spawn”, and there is a gap there. Thus I recommended it be filled.