Issues, And problems in beta so far (my opinion)

Navigation: So far i found navigation has been really good but I find that during combat it can be quite difficult to side-step or dodge out of the way. and you feel like a stone during combat, would be nice to add a quick side-step of some form to allow more fluid combat.

I also found i got lost quite a lot and the ‘‘compass’’ didn’t really meet my needs as a brand spanking new player. I like the map function and think a little blimp on the map (Something similar to minecraft) will do the trick nicely, Or something like skyrim. Not so much a mini-map but more like pulling out your book going to the map page and seeing where you are (or your group members)

Combat: The combat is really cool! although it would be nice to just be able to pick your class from the menu instead of doing the long ass intro. And I still cant understand why mage or isn’t apart of the intro if warrior and marksman and bowmen is?

Story: The story could be a little better and maybe some voice actors, The only problem with all-text chat is that reading in vive or oculous can be quite tiring for your eyes, Even some basic voice acting to give a shortened version of what the text says would be nice.

Environment: I love the way the game is designed it looks really cool! although i wish the sky didn’t look like a blank void at night, It could just be my eyes though. You guys did an amazing job and i cant wait to explore the environment more! :slight_smile:

Player communication: Spot on!, although i’m worried about mic spammers i wasn’t able to find a mute or block button o3o

Overall score (Taking in consideration its just beta) 7/10 would recommend

You guys at orbus are making an amazing game! first of its kind! your taking leaps and bounds into the future and developing a game i can happily stand by!

Love-Nic <3

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