It was a nice try for me, but Reborn just isn't the same

So I’m officially going to uninstall OrbusVR. I know I’m not the first to make a post like this or likely the last, but here it goes anyways.

There has been too many changes i do not enjoy in this new version of the game. The new world just doesnt have the same charm. The OG HS was a quaint small town, not overwhelming and had nice touches with things like the little farm next door and the airship going by. It was fairly open and did not give a feeling like you were doing extra walking around for the sake of it (for the starter town, it’s too spread and messy now).

The rest of the map doesn’t have the same flow either, especially with the mobs. You start off fighting little bunny’s and such and thing more intimidating as you moved on. It felt clear cut and you knew to move on as you grew. Even though the bigger city wasn’t super used, it felt nice to have that sense of progression that you leveled enough and got through the story to start spending your time at this much bigger and bustling city. Maybe I get a lot of that from my previous MMO FFXI (you had a starter town and eventually progressed to the bigger one in the middle) but that design felt much better. I didn’t realized how much I enjoyed the earlier aspects of how the world was set up until recently as I walked around a bunch and remembered the old one.

Next big issue and it’s probably the level scaling. It takes away a lot of reason to leave the starting area and fully spend time and explore each area, learn the mobs and small town since you had to be there to get into any dungeon or find mobs to grind on. Scaling also brought on the annoyance of having everything agro you and most mobs killing the pacing to get places if you have to be slowed by being in combat or every mob taking a bit to kill. I get why the devs wanted scaling, it makes a low pop game all be able to play together, but it really does take away from the progression feeling. There are also better possible systems like party level scaling that could retain the overworked, but allow for everyone to play together in groups.

My next issue is from both versions of the game, which I thought was going to change was character progression. Reborn removed one of the few feelings of progression by having levels and gear mean far less via scaling. I really don’t love the idea that the only thing other than a level and gear (which now mean even less) that your skills you get every 5 levels was the only real meaningful way to see progression. Why give every skill right away? Some should have been slowly given out or maybe better versions to make you feel like things have grown. This could have also worked with mages by restrictions with what spells could be cast at what level. I’m not sure on the thought process on this, but I think it should be changed.

Reborn brought some good changes too, mainly in the form of things like public events, new classes and some nice QoL changes. For me sadly, I found more of it a big step back than the steps forward I hoped it would have.

Don’t get me wrong, this is still a solid game and right now the only real VRMMORPG. It’s just not the game I was once more into and want to continue with.

For those of you who love the games changes or how it is now, I’m glad it works for you. I know things likely won’t ever go back so I’m not gonna beg for old Orbus back, but just letting the devs know what things I enjoyed more and why I’m not going to continue playing. It was fun while it lasted and I hope things just get better for the game and community.

Good night and good luck


Just to make sure no information is miss spread. Scaling has no (or little :thinking:) effect on the aggro radius of a mob. If you are 3 levels higher than a monster, it will not attack you until you walk very close to it. Unless you are in a dungeon. (aggro radius doesn’t care about being a higher lvl in a dungeon)

Other than that, I understand and respect the feedback/decision.

(please don’t all start commenting unless its useful instead of opinion dropping…)


I personally dont care about the things you dont like about reborn, they rarely affect me as level scaling is hardly a big deal, and the lack of mob variety isnt enough to turn me away from the game. Sorry you dont enjoy reborn.

Yah I don’t like levelscaling either.

As for skill progression I disagree and think it’s one of the most intriguing features of VR that your “skill” does not come via feature (= one click in a skill-tree, bam, there), but develops like in sports, simply by playing, sharpening your aim (ranger), movements (warrior), drawing (mage) or timing (all classes).
I don’t see that aspect so much in pc games, yah you press your buttons and timing is important, but all the 3D stuff is only there in real life, not in the game.

Hope you find a game which suits you more, possibly on PC rather (to be fair, you mentioned only leveling to 11 in original also… that’s hardly enough to get an impression of the whole of the game and not a clue of the so-called endgame :wink: ). As for me there’s always things I’d like to change, but still Orbus is just right for me, no matter if original or reborn, I like(d) them both.


I do like that there is a lot of getting skilled at physically doing something, but when it comes to RPGs I can’t help but miss having something new a fee levels or so down the line to learn and master. A slower drip of skills would also give newer players time to get into a stride with the smaller pool and slowly add in more to add on top of it.

I’m glad you enjoy it, I just wanted to point out what hurt my enjoyment and overall decision to continue. If there were more VRMMOs to go with I’d feel much better about just leaving on a “it’s not for me” note, but sadly this is all we have for probably another year. Fortunately there are a few others in development.



Id have to agree that level 11 is less than half the content completed, drastically so, but i do agree about the levelscaling and the lack of living and overall vibrancy and reason to leave highsteppe. Ive come to hate the wall of highsteppe and would love a nice open town in the flooded rainforest, or maybe a nice floating village in Basin.

Wow, such an informative post! /sarcasum

Hi, we really appreciate the constructive feedback and your support in buying the game. We hope you give it another try in the future, since the game will continue to change over time.

I’ll make a note that we’re trying some experiments in gameplay in the Mini Story Pack coming up soon and that depending on which features the community likes, those are going to be implemented in the overworld in the months after, so there will be more to do and check out there as well in the future.


I’ll check back on occasion and see how things are. I’m glad you guys made the effort to be the first to have a VRMMORPG. I had fun, obviously more in the original, but I did still like some of what I played in Reborn. Regardless of my opinion, keep it up and improving the game as much as you can.


Having spells tied to level would be interesting. I get why you’d want something like that, to further that sadisfaction of leveling up. Talents are the only other way to vary combat for each class (besides tilesets i guess) other than the abilities handed to you. Gaining each talent at certain levels is a good way to keep classes interesting for longer as you aren’t able to experience all of a class too early and keeps things fresh.

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It would suck to have something placed on mage that limits what new mages can do. One of the things that mage gets praised about the most is that you can cast every spell in the game at any level as long as you are good enough. If something like this was implemented then it would take away one of the best things about the class as well as making it harder for new mages while starting out because it would force them to get through a certain amount of quests with only the weak level 1 spells that aren’t even the spells that most mages are recommended when they first start out ( and they are usually harder for new mages to master ). Overall a pretty bad idea.


I’m not sure how have less spells to deal with memorizing and practicing would somehow make it harder? You balance the spells to be effective at the level and as you grow, you add more spells and can practice and learn the higher level ones. Right now I see people just just using a few of the best ones and the rest are wasting away (like you said, the lvl one versions are weak and most won’t use them, this actually give e them a reason to exist). This forces you to use more of them, even if it’s not forever. You will eventually get to use any and all of them, but again this gives you a sense of progression, gives use to weaker spells for a time and doesn’t overwhelm new players with a bunch of spells.

because the lower level spells such as fireball 1 and frost 1 are usually seen as harder than fireball 2 and frost 2. Mages already have a hard enough time when they are first starting out, and this would make it much worse since new mages will be doing less spells per second, and the spells that they manage to cast do less damage than the level 2 spells that are considered to be easier by many people. Even if the spell damage was boosted, that doesn’t change the fact that it will take 4-5 fireballs to kill a low level monster, which is too much to ask of mage that are just starting out.

Mage already takes enough time to get good at. People should be able to start practicing the most useful spells as soon as they start playing, not after being forced to level up to unlock those spells.

They already have a reason to exist. They can hit mobs from farther away than the higher level spells. They don’t get used a bunch because of their low damage.

There is already a sense of progression with mage even at high levels. Like I have said many times in the past, mage is a class that is built around practice and skill. Forcing people to level up before being able to use the most useful spells would take away from what the class is meant to be.

Like I said before, the class is already hard enough. Forcing people to wait before being able to practice good spells is bound to create players that level mage to 30 without ever playing the class, then are horrible at mage because they have never played it. The way that the game presents new players with the spells is in a way that doesn’t overwhelm them. New players are presented with 9 spells at the start, and then get more as time goes on. If new players choose to look up the rest of the spells online, and then they feel overwhelmed, that’s on them.


I can see the point Shift, it’s already hard enough being a new mage.

Typical MMOs have you grind for better abilities and spells, but Vr is a bit different. You should be able to cast spells based on your own ability rather than by level. However, this does make a lot of spells worthless as no one wants to utilize them since they can already cast better spells. As stated, lvl 1 spells travel faster and longer than lvl 2 spells but the dps difference makes lvl 2 spells a no brainer. (I HAVE NO IDEA WHY LVL 2 SPELLS ARE EASIER TO CAST THAN LVL 1 SPELLS, it would make more sense if it were the other way around)

We do have the talent at lvl 30 to have a new spell (I do wish there were more than just two)

The progression aspect of a mage Is how easily you can cast spells rather than what spells you can use at what lvl.

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This I can understand more, it’s just apparent they need to adjust and balance them.

The h looks different from how most people would draw an h ( the angles don’t make it easy either), and the M is displayed improperly on the rune stone, so many people that are following the guidance of the rune stone are unable to cast the spell consistently due to this. The level one spells aren’t harder to draw for new mages, the concept of those two spells are harder to grasp compared to the B or the F / P. Add that to the fact that new mages also have almost no idea what they are doing, and you get a challenging level 1 spell.


Thanks for all your hardwork! I Love this game!