Journal bug? Page flips

This happened to me since start playing the game a month ago till now but I heard no one mentioned it yet. Sometimes when I flip journal pages it just fast flipping to other sections. So I decided to record this video and found that it happend when I accidentally swipe the bottom of th journal. I believe it’s bug, cause I see no use of this as a feature. Please fix.

Ps. No trigger press just hand moving there.

When you move your finger through a green icon it’s the same as pressing the trigger on it, that’s how we used to interact with stuff before we got the pointer coming out the end of our finger


Moving finger to each green icons not flip the pages but touch the bottom edge do.

I wish pressing the button with your finger was toggle-able. Ive wasted shard loot rolls like that before

It happens every time you want to move the journal and miss-grab it, too, because most grab it intuitively in the middle.

Also the turning of pages does normally happen in the lower part, not the upper.

I wonder if moving these buttons to the top would be a workaround to make both happen less.


I think this would be a very good solution and work a lot better

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Or Or Or, make the ‘finger touch button equals click’ a toggle able option.

This would only work if the “beam” is implemented game-wide, on each and every button and feature, else it could break more than it helps I think, like, you always would be surprised by non-working features and need to turn your toggle off for this and that…