Journal says 0 kills Rock giant

I’ve killed the rock giant maybe a dozen times. It still says 0 in the journal where it keeps track of world boss kills.

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You goober, it doesn’t count enraged kills :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, how to kill it unenraged…that’s another issue altogether lol

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Really?! That’s interesting… I think it should count either way. But yeah lol there’s no way to kill it unenraged… oh well…

I believe that was a bug when the boss first got added, where a kill counted as for different monster, I believe some kind of old-game boss, so it didn’t show in the journal. That has been fixed shortly after though :thinking:

This is what I remember as well

  • The new Rock world boss is now tracked in the player journal
    • Unfortunately, when it was initially created, it was mistakenly using the ID of an original orbus world boss (the essassa one), so players that have killed that one years ago will see an inaccurate count for the new boss kills - we’re sorry for the inconvenience.


It still says “enraged rock giant - 0 kills” for me. Kudos for being early, I guess. An inaccurate count is one thing, but not counting at all is not what I expect from that statement. I’d expect it not to have all the kills but at least the kills after it was fixed.

Confirmed that mine said zero enraged kills as well

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we should have a patch for this coming out soon, it wont count kills that have already happened only those moving forward from the day of the patch.


The fix for tracking kills for this world boss should be live now.


Will test when I can. Maybe Wednesday night. You guys are awesome. Thanks!

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