June 11th Update: Raid Beta Feedback


Hi folks, as you know the Beta will be live and we’d love to hear from you. Specifically we want to hear if there are any mechanics that aren’t working, any bugs you experience, if there are balancing issues in your opinion, and just generally how you like it.

From the patch notes:

  • Raid Beta
    • The Ruins of Guild City Raid Beta is now available to play!
    • This is a 10-person Raid designed with challenging mechanics.
    • During the Beta, you access the raid exclusively by using the Queue system in the social menu (the same way you queue for a dungeon).
    • During the Beta, nothing you do will be saved in the Raid Instance. Also, trash mobs have been removed since we are mostly concerned with testing boss mechanics at this time.
    • Raid Loot
      • The Raid Loot system this time around utilizes a token system for each slot of armor. A new vendor will be added to Highsteppe which requires tokens (ranging from 5-8 tokens per piece) to buy items.
      • For example, the first Raid Boss will drop only gloves, and also only glove tokens. You will get one guaranteed token as well as a chance at a natural drop with each eligible kill. You can do one eligible kill per week. Therefore, you are guaranteed to get a glove roll after 5 weeks of kills even if you get no natural drops due to the raid tokens system.
      • Natural drops in the Raid are tradable with other party members until you leave the instance (including rare drops such as pets and mounts). Tokens are not tradable.
      • Non-equipment drops (such as dyes, pets, and mount) can be farmed as many times as you want per week.
      • Each piece of gear is class-specific, but the tokens can be earned on any class, and when purchasing the item from the vendor, you will receive the item for the token’s slot for whatever class is currently active (useful for gearing up alt classes).
    • Raid Tuning
      • The Normal Mode Raid features difficult mechanics which will need to be mastered to complete the Raid. From a damage and health standpoint, the bosses scale up to be approximately as hard (by the last boss) as a low-level Shard Dungeon.
      • Our goal with the Normal Raid Tuning is to present a challenge to the community that will be mastered over time to allow pick-up-groups to complete the raid. Therefore, we anticipate that veteran groups will be able to complete the Raid without too much trouble once the mechanics are learned. However, please feel free to give feedback on the tuning and let us know if we’re hitting the correct mark.



Whenever someone crashes/logs out, they can’t rejoin the raid instance and we have to restart the raid. Please have people stay in the instance if they stay in the party.

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Hmmm yeah that was the intent of how it should work, we are looking into it now.


Or better yet, add a “rejoin instance” to allow people to join their party members inside if they were originally in the queue.

Or even better, allow it for all party members, up to the limit so that people can be brought in if need be so if someone crashes or have to leave they can join again?


The trigger on the musky gun keeps becoming stuck down as if you are holding the trigger, making it so that you cannot fire at all. Closing and reopening the game sometimes fixes it… sometimes not.

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Okay, we’re looking into it now.


Everyone keeps getting booted from raid over and over. Also everyone keeps getting lock out by walls, should be able to enter but not leave would work better than as soon as someone aggros. Have gotten to raid 4 times and crashed everytime or dc. Also cant get musky or scoundrel gun to fire at all.


Are you on Quest or Vive or Rift?


HTC viveee


If you are having the trigger stuck issue, if you can send in an output log that would be great.

C:\Users(username)\AppData\LocalLow\Orbus Online, LLC\OrbusVR\output_log.txt

Just send it to [email protected]


Do you usually experience crashes/DCs? Have you done any non-Raid content since the patch this morning? (Just trying to figure out if it’s Raid related or overall patch related)


Usually dont crash but getting the lvl 0 char login dealio. I tried to kill some stuff in the rain Forrest after kicked out of the raid but all the mobs in the overworld were gone as well. Couldnt use guns outside of raid until I graveyarded


Okay sounds like theere is a networking error. If you could send me your log following the instructions a bit ago that would be great and will help me get it fixed quickly.


Okay got the log thanks, we foudn the issue and are working on a patch now.

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We’ve identified an issue which is causing some crashes of Raid instances, working on a fix now.

EDIT: That’s live now for new Raid instances. It was a really random crash that we’ve not seen before but it should be fixed now.

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The crystals on the left path and the right path don’t disappear half way down the path so you can’t take them to the middle path


Also can you make it so the bosses have a much smaller agro range, it can be annoying when people get locked out the room cause someone got slightly too close


So like 4 Raid instances just crashed due to this bug. I think they were not refreshed since we pushed the patch out but let me know if it happens again…

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Do you mean they do disappear?


Reset to their spawn point