Lag after recent update

Has it just been me or is there suddenly alot more lag like I’ve been having random crashes after the last major update even tho I have never gotten any in a long time. I’ve been having a lot more ghost casts, I’ve seen a lot more latency bugs. I’ve also seen 4 people crash at once in a raid like the lag has been pretty bad lately.

Any thoughts?


There has to be latency bugs for sure.

I always run consistently around 30-50 ping to the servers yet, despite my pretty average numbers, even a near empty shard outside of highsteppe had me ghost casting around 5-6 times in a row which is nuts.

I’m not sure what change could have caused this, but I’m also feeling it too.

which update are you referring to? i think lag has been bad since like new dungeon maybe?

We will be switching to doing weekly server resets (instead of bi-weekly) to hopefully clear up some weirdness as we do some more digging.


Lag was a big worse after the new dungeon but was reffering to the summer update which got my game to new levels of lag

Thank you very much, hope this will decrease the lag by a bit

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