Left Handed Fireball 3 Runemage Question + Suggestions


I was just curious that for a left handed runemage are any of the spells mirrored? Reason I’m asking is that I just came to the game with a friend who I was explaining fireball3 spell and he was able to cast it in just a few tries. I myself being lefthanded had attempted this spell 100’s of times with no success but yet as soon as I put the wand in my right had I was able to cast the spell in about 4 tries. I then out of curiosity put it back in my left hand and did the B portion backwards and was able to get the spell to cast in about 3 tries. Is my luck just that bad or is there something weird with how you draw versus how you hold a wand?

Probably been asked before but it would be nice to have a tone play when you’re done “drawing” the spell so that you know it’s correct. This can help in two ways 1. You’ll be able to examine a proper spell for ones you’re working on 2. When trying to combo skills this would help alert you ahead of time that it will not fire thus you won’t go into trying to draw the second spell in your combo. I point this out because as I’ve seen it’s very important to be able to cast spells as quickly behind one another as possible. I know it may be just fractions of seconds here that we would be saving but sometimes that’s what we need. :smiley:



Being a left handed caster I’ve also experienced this, I find it much easier to cast with my right hand even though it’s way more sloppy.


I’m left-handed myself and the whole reason I would never play mage was I thought I was just really bad it. it took me forever to learn how to cast the most basic spells (FB2, F2) it wasn’t until someone told me to switch to my right hand that I was able to cast some of the things I never could. as uncomfortable as it was to cast with my right it worked.
obviously, I would not change back now but I would like to see this fixed in the future as it did turn me away from the class for a long time.


They have to train the data again with a left handed player. Which makes left vs right even more different. I don’t see a fix for this. :confused:


omg, if this is correct everything makes sense. I just couldnt get anything harder than fireball 2 to work and even that took me a huge amount of time. I played the mage to level 13, unboosted and changed now to musketeer because I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I will try it right handed today with the knowledge i have about the runes and report back.


If this is true that really blows. Left handed players should be able to enjoy mage too. It’s a no brainer.


Meh. I enjoy the increased difficulty. It is still fun. But also more frustrating of-course.


Scott you madman! Lol


As a right handed person that has exclusively played left handed mage (my right arm had gotten tired, and I just never switched back) since December of last year, I cannot relate to any of the issues stated. I’ve never had issues aside from the initial start up of getting my left hand accostomed to drawing. I don’t see how mirroring anything would help. It feels completely equal to me either handed.


It’s pretty funny I spent hours in highstepp trying to cast frost 3 and Arcane explosion normally or trying shortcuts with my left hand to little to no luck. Then tried it out with my right hand and some of sloppy drawings that came out didn’t even look right but worked! :smile:

Really hope this get fixed soon it’s been putting me off playing mage for ages.


Here’s my left handed frost 3. I can chain cast it, usually get a perfect cast, and have rarely ever fizzled it since early last spring. Just treat the 3D line like a tennis swing.

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