Long Term Dragon Race Reward Idea

After having a conversation about the reason why a long term dragon race mission doesn’t exist yet (lack of a good reward) I’ve been thinking it over. Not only would a uniquely-colored dragon be a cool prize, but a uniquely-sized dragon as well! After seeing jakeee playing around with the sizes above 8 I wonder if it wouldn’t be too hard to fix up a reasonably oversized dragon and implement it as a reward. Would anyone else be willing to complete the mission for such a prize? I know I would… but I’m a dragon nerd so my opinion is biased.

I believe these would be best as a non-breedable and soul-bound pet to be best flexed. It would be tragic if the long term public event missions had tradable mounts, for instance. Would make the notorious grind worthless for those who do it solely for the reward item.


It may seem stalking, but yeah, I actually check players in the Armory very often. I saw @Jake_E’s dragon is as big as 40. During a short period of time on that day, we noticed that dragon would be a really cool mount as well - and most players on that time got so excited about the idea, which makes me wonder if that wouldn’t be another option for a long-term reward as well - using an oversized dragon as a mount.


I despise dragon racing! I can never hit bronze, if I finish at all. But I’d suffer if it meant riding one or having a unique color combo.


My understanding is it’s not technically feasible. Devs tried but there is something in the code that makes it hard to accomplish. Last I heard at least.

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Yes, there are tons of rewards they could give - they just couldn’t make it work due to spaghetti code issues.

Outlander said it would be easy enough to add the mission itself, just that there wasn’t a reward in mind. That conversation happened during the 3/14 community event so unless there was an update on it that I haven’t heard, I’m confused :sweat_smile:

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Only the devs know for sure but they said it was on the road map in '21.

I believe we followed up in game maybe in '22 and that was the response we heard then. They started to do it and ran into some issue when implementing in the way they stored dragon racing data.

Would love this but I doubt it’s just because of no reward since it’s been talked about and they’ve added long terms twice since then.


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