Lore discrepancies(BIG BOI SPOILES)


a couple of things don’t really make sense, the world is supposed to be completely destroyed, with Highsteppe the last bastion. but doing lore quests its obvious that this isn’t true. doing the Highsteppe mayor lore quests show that there are still refugees, non-scav or driven to madness by essence, coming into the jungle refugee camp, saying that they light the torches to help them get there meaning there are still people out there. Where are they coming from? it is apparently possible to survive for 20 years in very small groups in the wild, yet there are no larger groups

At the entrance to the wasteland, there are traders who broke their wagon, who knows where they are coming and going from tho because if high steppe is the only place with people left, wouldn’t they need to be some sort of harvesting group, not straight up traders?

And finally, we come to guild city. As far as we are told by the NPCs, Guild city is still very much an existing city. They still have guards, which multiple of the lore vendors are trying to find out how to get past. It is still the seat of power for markos, as a puppet leader. They are still sending people outside the city to gather essence, paying them hefty sums of dram, indicating they still have a flow of dram aka an economy, as shown by the miner lore quest in the crystal cave. and finally, according to the giant gate inside of HS with a big sign saying “Guild City”, guild city is right next door.

maybe I’m reaching to far on some of these conclusions or we haven’t gotten enough of the story, but as it is now at the very least there are some discrepancies in what the lore says about the situation about


Yeah there have been a lot of complaints about no msq. I almost feel like an msq could be discovering what we’ve missed and how we integrate back into the world and become heroes again. The lore is great and I love lore quests. They just don’t give that feeling that you’re making any progress in the world and story itself.

Edit: to properly relate it to the topic: a proper msq would have addressed these continuity issues


And now we have one! The devs have listened!


Haha yeah right after posting I saw the blog post and got really excited


Did you read the journal inside the fallen tree ? I feel like that really explained stuff.


i think i got some of it but it was glitching around in my hand so i gave up, will have to go re read it


It really brings it all together imo but yeah theres definately gonna have to be some retcons lol


On a side note I saved every key from OG orbus including my guild city house key and have tried it multiple times on that door lol


Because you couldn’t delete it? :stuck_out_tongue:

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so looking at the maps of Highsteppe city, there is actually 2 different ways that highsteppe is portrayed, both on the maps and actually in game. Maps of outside of highsteppe leading into HS look like this !

they show that HS has 2 entranced along the same curve of the wall, with the rest being surrounded by mountains, which is accurate if u are looking at it from outside

from the inside of HS it looks like this

The blue circles are the entrances, as how it is ingame. when u look at it its obvious to see its completely different that the outside view. The entrances are on complete opposite sides of the city, which is completely different than how it is outside. The red mark is the entrance to guild city, making guild city located right in front of HS, around where the defend the gate event is

@Riley_D is this intended?


also the moon and sun go from the left to the right hand sides of the sky when you exit the door aswell I noticed yesterda. A bit disconcerting D;

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highsteppe does seem backwards.

If u use my interactive map you will see your character gets teleported from the east side of highsteppe to the west side gate of highsteppe when you go through the door next to your player house.

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in the eathen diaries it says that sephotep grew up in the necropolar bla bla wants to leave bla bla treasure castle will give him that power bla bla, but in the scavenger lore quests it talks about how the vendor has been chasing him for hundreds of years, completely contradicting each other


To piggyback off this: most pages in Ethan diaries are cut off at the bottom of the pages so we miss chunks of story