Mage Line attacks Bugged + solution

Yup … I’ve been whenging that line attacks have been broken since reborn

But then we all sat in the bar doing them and half the people could hit and half couldn’t

When Lance performed a super I realised why.

Despite his wand hand pointing forward in oculus grip … his super fired off at 45 degrees upward
(Which is default vive grip)

Kingme then proceeded to shoot target dummies at max range with ice lance.

I aimed at target then pointed my wand at the floor at 45 deg downward to compensate and was able to hit the target.

The reason melee spells worked was wand was in target when it fired upward instead of straight so it still hit.

On your screen you spell shoots straight but on others you shoot into the air.

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Yes , and the reason why is the game assumes you are holding a vive wand for all line attacks no matter what wand orientation you use (for those affected)

This is me running steam orbus thru oculus sdk on a cv1

Pointing straight at a target my line attacks will display hitting target but no damage

The line is shooting 45 degrees upward without a visual que to the caster.

We’re aware of this issue and have a fix in mind for the future, but I’m not sure when that will be implemented yet.

Thank you for reporting it to us.


Could be wrong but I believe when I was on Oculus CV1 using Steam that line attacks were correct, in Reborn (certainly preborn). But it’s been too long to remember. If you are running Orbus in compatibility mode or open vr it always defaults to the Vive though.

I load from steam but use oculus sdk

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