Mage spell recognition accuracy

I noticed in the last two tests that the accuracy of the recognition of what spell is being cast, is not that great. I also read that you are planning on improving the recognition (unless I remembered that wrong :stuck_out_tongue:).

The question I have is: To what extend are you planning to make the mage spells acceptable to recognize?
If for example someone:

  • tries to cast a fire spell but the symbol is quite different then given by the image of the spell online
  • by making for example the figure way more stretched and most lines out of proportion
  • but still visible for a human that a fire spell is being tried to cast

Do you want the game to accept that as a fire spell?

Or do you rather want the spell to be almost drawn in the same proportions before the player gets the reward of the spell being cast?

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Even the way it was before, the more you cast the better you personally learn what works best to make the spell you want cast. Practice makes perfect.

Edit: I know this doesn’t answer your question at all, but I meant it to reassure you that the more you cast spells the better you will get.


Yeah, I definitely found this as well. At first it can feel like you are doing the exact same thing every time and getting different results, but it becomes much more consistent over time.


You may even find that you can get better results with certain spells by drawing modified versions of the runes… it’s 100% a matter of practice. But consistency is totally achievable, you just need to develop a feel for each spell. That might be my favorite part of the whole game. :man_with_turban:


That’s fantastic. You took the same motion I did, but just ignored the space between the end of the top of the F and the dash through the middle. I didn’t even think to try that.

To answer the original question, I think you can see from the GIF that Zardulu posted that the way the system works, it does not have to be drawn perfectly the same as the example to work. Really it’s more about the overall proportional shape.

Also, the system is 100% consistent. You will take practice to get consistent. But the system is basically just math: same stuff in, always the same stuff out. If you could in theory make the exact same drawing every time you would get the exact same result. Of course you aren’t able to do that without a lot of practice.

I think really my “ideal” progression for a Runemage goes something like this:

Beginner: You know 5-6 basic spells, and you can cast them around 25-50% of the time.
Intermediate: You have 5-6 basic spells down pat to where you can get them to cast 75% of the time. You are beginning to learn another 10-15 spells for various situations but you aren’t as good with them.
Master: You see runes when you close your eyes. You have a cadre of 10 spells you can cast nearly flawlessly via muscle memory. The rest you know and can get 80% of the time.

I think it will take someone a minimum of 5-10 hours to get to Intermediate, and probably 100 hours to get to Master. This is a gameplay style that really is not for everyone. But I can assure you that if you practice the runes and you get to the point where you can cast them consistently (like Zardulu in that GIF), the system will reward you with letting you cast the spell every time.

And, of course, all the runes are changing in the next Alpha test, so I apologize to everyone who has learned the previous versions and now has to re-train their muscle memory that was developing, but this should be the last time they change. The new runes are designed so that basically you should never really accidentally cast the wrong spell (e.g. the old Fireball and Frostbolt runes were way too close together).


Awesome can’t wait to cast the new spells. I plan to put 100 hrs on each arm.


I’m envisioning Johann getting into a duel and then when he’s losing, admitting that he’s not left-handed and switching his wand to the other hand.


That’s pretty funny. Hustling someone like in pool or darts.

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But what happens when your opponent admits he’s not left handed either?


Straight out of The Princess Bride. LOL!


Damn I was experimenting with modified rune drawings but I never got it that fast, such a simple motion. Hopefully we can make something like a how to draw runes efficiently research society with the mage obsessed people like Damage :slight_smile:


only simplified rune ive been able to discover so far is for magic shield, draw a small circle and put a line through it. Tried messing with other spells, no luck yet…