Mage spells not casting, still happening

This is still a huge issue, it happens a lot in broken halls and the new mines to me.
And with a lot I mean you could rage so bad that you could throw the controller away…

This is a reborn thing and idk what causes it, I could understand it if it’s a super big dungeon or 10mages around. Nope. Most of the overworld is fine, highsteppe or even the temple dungeon which is huge but then you go for broken halls dungeon or mines and suddenly all spells popp popp popp and so on. And its not because of drawn wrong. But it’s not always and not 100% of the time, moving around or facing the other side helps sometimes, but when it happens you cant do anything.
I also used the bug report tool yesterday for it.

Hi, we’ll take a look at the logs you sent us through the report and see if there’s something obvious.
If it only seems happens in closed off areas that would be higher FPS than overworld, and changes based on where you’re looking, does it happen in say the basement of your house as well if you try it out there?


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Yeah that’s why I dont get it, it’s worse in small areas, it’s not happen in the raid at all for example
I can try tonight in my basement.

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Yea this is seriously ticking me off. When I’m near Darius I can cast crazy fast with no poofs, I go in my house, dungeon, raid I can cast poofs crazy fast. Please fix this. It’s outrageous.

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