MagicBacon’s Idea for a Better Class System

**Edit: read this entire post before commenting. I’m recieving a lot of feedback that is misinformed because people are not reading the entire post. I know this is long, but if you don’t have the time to read it all, you frankly don’t have the time to write a comment. Specifically at the bottom of this post it says:
“The different classes would need to have seperate leveling. It should be encoraged to level up other classes in the same catagory. Just like how if I play DPS to lvl 20 and then want to high level support if have to grind it again as the support variant or a different characters support variant. The same as now but just options as to which weapon type and class.“


So. After presenting this idea to 15+ people it has been 90+% positive feedback. This was originally posted as a reply but I think it’ll be easier to discuss in its own thread. I have also modified the post here. I truly think this would be a massive benifit to the game. If you like the idea let me know below! If you want to criticize the idea, please do it! I want to improve this idea as much as possible and maybe we’ll see it in the game. Please voice your support/feedback!

Character = musketeer/archerer/mage/Knight
Class = healer/DPS/support/tank


TL;DR: this game is so unlike normal (non-VR) MMORPGs that I think this is nessesary and needed to make each character have different classes to work for every player’s play style.

Long version:
In a normal (non-VR) MMORPG I’d say: “Why? This is unnecessary. If you want to tank, play tank. If you want to DPS, DPS. If you want to heal, heal. Just change and grind a different class.”

But it’s not that simple with motion controllers and VR. In non-VR your essentially button mashing. You control the character. It does what you want. You don’t need complex ideas of how a bow works to be an archerer. You don’t have to compensate for drop. If your a higher level than another player you’ll beat them because your character will do the wrecking for you. You control the character.

In VR, you ARE the character. If you suck with a bow and arrow and compensating for drop, but you want to be an effective DPS, tough luck. If you just can’t get a grasp of the gun or are horribly in accurate in this game but you want to be a support, tough luck. If you want to cast portals and use magic, but you’re one of MANY players who just can’t… tough luck. This game doesn’t hold your hand in the way a charachter you control in non-VR does. A bad high level in this game could get wrecked by someone who is good with that same class even at a lower level. It’s because this game doesn’t hold your hand. It can’t hold your hand even if it wanted to. And that’s not something the game will ever change, I hope.**

Thats why each character should have access to multiple classes. It’s a solution that doesn’t work outside of VR because of what I outlined in the first paragraph. But it may just be a solution in VR. Let’s use me as an example. In real life, I love archery. It’s my favorite sport. I love the idea of archery in VR. I’d love to play the archerer… but I don’t enjoy DPSing. I enjoy being a support. But I really don’t want to play the musketeer because I don’t like the musketeer’s shooting mechanics. If I could be a support archerer or damage archerer I’d choose support and enjoy it. Those who want a damage archery then have that. Or I may love shooting in real life but hate supporting. A DPS shooter class would fix this. Everyone wins with this!

In a normal RPG this wouldn’t work because in the end if you want DPS just play a DPS. It doesn’t matter. But as described above it matters here.

Another benefit of this system is that you can specialize, and I mean REALLY specialize. You could be an archerer the entire time you play but with the flexibility of DPS or support. You can get REALLY good with the bow and arrow and really specialize.

The different classes would need to have seperate leveling. It should be encoraged to level up other classes in the same catagory. Just like how if I play DPS to lvl 20 and then want to high level support if have to grind it again as the support variant or a different characters support variant. The same as now but just options as to which weapon type and class.

Remember that the classes are half the fun of this game! To say “just play the support class” ignores that the other 3 classes are more fun to other people. I hate the shooter but I want to support. This game currently doesn’t allow me to be at my happiest. This isn’t a problem in non-VR RPGs so we need to need to keep that in mind!

Some may be worried about their class becoming irrelevant as other characters obtain that class. This will not be the case. As long as everything is balanced well you just choose which one you want! Some people will choose DPS Knight and others will choose DPS archerer. Neither is undermined, it’s just about how you want to play.

**I don’t mean to put anyone down. This is just an example in support of those of you who aren’t that great <3


That’s the long version. Below here you will find suggestions that you guys have that we can debate if they are a good idea to add:

What do you guys think of this: each character can use their gear on all of that characters classes. A DPS Knight can use the same gear as a tank Knight. They just have a different weapon. The weapon decides what class they are. This will make it so a high level DPS night can easily grind their low level tank Knight.

That’s the idea. Please send me feedback!

Edit: @Aleksandr_F summarized a point quite well:


You bring up some really valid points here, but you lack actionable solutions. Without those, you’re asking the devs to change their core ethos of how the classes work, but without giving them anything to follow up on. You’re essentially asking them to make a different game without a whole lot of direction.

To maybe expand on what your saying, but go further, I think that the devs should ditch the set roles of the classes, but instead use them as rough guidelines. The warrior is going to be a great tank by default because it has a sheild, but it can still fulfill the DPS role through quick execution of damaging combos, theoretically. The Ranger can be great DPS because of the sheer amount of hits it can pull off, but it could also be a tank through the use of stuns, slows, and movement.

I think this direction could definitely help people fulfill the roles they want without coupling them too hard to a physical playstyle, but we’re still asking for a bit of a design shift from the developers. At this point it might be too late for that.


I’m not dismissing the idea, but I want to point out the real-life parallels, and remind everyone that VR is a simulation of reality to some extent, real or alternate.

If you want to be an archer (ranger), you have to practice and get good. Same with guns, swords, and magic. Same with jobs; to hold a job irl you have to be able to do it. Otherwise, pick another role.

This parallel kinda breaks down in games because you can make up alternate realities and mechanics that change that, but the idea remains the same.

As you stated, VR is a whole different animal from console and PC because it’s not just buttons, but I like the idea that different classes require different skills.

That said, I think the spells, abilities, and combos for each class could use some expansion, which may facilitate your suggestion if that’s the direction the devs decide to take.


The game isn’t fully released yet. There are plenty of changes that could still be implemented, and there are changes currently being implemented. It’s good to have discussions about this kind of stuff. It helps to stimulate growth.

I agree that it does feel a little like we’re being shoehorned into specific roles, but maybe that’s just because we’re so used to playing games with so many options now. When the other classes are released, it might help to alleviate some of those stuck feelings.

There’s a lot of potential in Orbus regardless.


the game would end up like DC universe online if it weren’t for the fact that each class plays a different role
WHat ur asking for is to have the game pander to people who don’t want to put the hard work in to learn the actual skill that each class requires


Very creative! My understanding of the current roadmap is to release a talent tree for each class so you can spec more toward dps, utility, tanky, abilities vs raw strength type stuff. Still locks you to the main weapon set and base class styles but you get some customization that will hopefully give everyone a little individuality.


I’m not sure how I don’t have actionable solutions? I maybe just don’t know what you mean. If you mean like specifically how to make a support archerer for example, that’s simple, the hard part would be balancing it.

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But just like real life video games — some people
can’t spend the time to effictively learn a mage or archerer. There’s a lot of people who may play 4-5 hours a week. Also some people just don’t have the coordination for archery in real life or in game.

Thanks for the feedback!

We call those casuals.


So what should be done to help the casuals? Do you think this game should just cater to hardcore players?

No, the game should cater to how the devs want it to be. It hasn’t let them down so far. #1 VR game on Steam.

But I haven’t heard anyone say they don’t like the game because of how limited class roles are. It’s a suggestion for improvement, and possibly a good one for game longevity, but as the game stands this isn’t a problem that needs fixing, from what I’ve seen.


No. It literally wouldn’t pander like that. If they can’t do archery now, do you think this change will suddenly make them really good at archery? It’s the same game, with more choices. If you mean pandering as in they can choose how they want to play… why is that bad? Why is choices bad? Why is playing how you want to play a bad thing?

I’m not sure what happened in DC, but maybe somebody could better answer to that.

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I have heard this. A lot. Even here on the forums we have threads asking for healing spells and DPS knights.

The game is good because it does what the players want. If it didn’t it wouldn’t be a good game. The devs do what’s best for the game, not necessarily what they specifically want.

If the devs came out in support of this tommorow, what your saying is that then you’d be fine with it all of a sudden, because it’s what the devs want… right?

Probably not. All I’m here to do is suggest a change to improve the game. This change wouldn’t affect you. It wouldn’t affect me that much either. It would help those who are unhappy with the strict guidelines for classes.

Thanks for the feedback.

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I hope that’s the case!

The devs have already announced a talent system is in the works. I’ve often heard the goal is to allow you to tune your class in certain ways such as a more dps-y warrior or musketeer.

edit: ^dps-y is an assumption they haven’t explicitly stated what the talents will do just that they are coming.


I don’t think we’re asking for easier classes. I think what we’re asking for is being able to fill rolls through our preferred playstyle. It can still be designed to take skill.

As it is, due to the huge variations of style that VR provides, we’re asking people to shift over huge paradigms to fulfill certain roles. It’s as if you were asking DPS to only play FPS, Tanks to only play hotbar RPGs, and Support to only play RTS. Maybe someone likes FPS, but wants to play support. Maybe someone wants RTS controls, but wants to tank. That’s what we’re getting at.


Precisely! I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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I’m not finding anything online about this. If @Riley_D’s all seeing eye is out there, perhaps he will clarify if this is correct :wink:

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Did you mean “filthy casuals”? :wink:

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