Make rare fish more obvious


I think it would be a good idea to have some sort of visual indicator that there is a rare fish currently in the water.

Currently, rare fish are really only available for those who have spreadsheets and are tracking everything on where they are supposed to be and when.

In order to make it so that rare fish are available to everyone, i think the color of the water should change or something when a fish is there. This way someone who is walking by, but isnt tracking the fish locations, can tell that there is a rare fish there and should go ahead and fish.

TLDR: rare fish should be obvious so that they aren’t monopolized by ppl with spreadsheets and tracking programs, and instead reward ppl for wandering around with a chance that they come across a rare fish.


I would settle for some way to tell what the weather is on the Quest.

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Having an obvious color sign to rare fish would make them… not rare? I don’t do spreadsheets or anything but I always have garbage lures on me that if I’m in a certain zone I’ll throw them in to test for nibbles.


TLDR: You think there should be no rare fish.

I think it’s a bad idea to remove that depth from the game, just because it’s difficult. You can make potions without the rare fish. You can even buy the rare fish. Not everything should be super easy and super accessible to every player.


They would still be rare because they only show up in specific scenarios. The issue here is that a regular player who has not looked up the fishing table will never find the fish. There is a big difference between having something be rare (occurring occasionally) and having something require significant research outside of the game.


What’s wrong with having it require significant research? It makes it more rare and that’s about it, not everything in the game should be accesable to everyone regardless of how much time they wanna/is able to put into the game.
Just like you can’t get to the hardest end game content without investing a lot of time, you shouldn’t be able to get the rarest end game materials without investing a lot of time.

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i think the problem here is that none of you realize that ‘rare’ and ‘exclusive’ mean different things. Alphabet is ‘exclusive’, so are the ‘rare’ fish. They aren’t just ‘rare’ atm, they are ‘exclusive’. Only a few ppl actually spent the time to discover when fish show up where. The others just look up the charts that are on the internet.

Like the fact that you can get to the end game content by playing the game and getting better at it, you should also be able to get the fish without going outside of the game. Forcing people to leave your game in order to figure out how to do something or to find materials is bad game design. Your objective should be to keep players in the game.


While i completely agree with your sentiment of keeping players in the game. I disagree in how to go about that.

What the game needs for fishing, in my opinion, is a way to record what fish like what lure and where they are located after you have done so in game. This could be done a couple different ways that I can think of.

Either a way to manually write things down and mark things in your journal, which would be my ideal scenario and something I’ve requested and suggested a few times. Or every time you catch a fish it notates what lure and what location you were at.

The fish information in the journal about the history of the fish is completely useless and I’m not sure anyone gives a flying carp about it.

Making rare fish less rare, to me, is not the solution. Also if you want to PM me I can give you some tips as to how to catch them with minimal to no outside resources.


You are an outside resource :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I like this idea. Add in (time) for ‘rare’ fish and it would be great. This would be the most effective method of reducing the exclusivity of the fish while maintaining the rarity aspect.

That said, I believe there is still the issue @Metris_Marshmallow was having with certain fishes not even spawning in their playtimes and thus wasting tons of lures even in ideal conditions.


Not if he contacts me in game

~5 hours IRL = 24 Hours in game
I play consistently in the same 2-4 hour time window and have caught every fish. The time of day you can play does not have a consistent impact on what you can catch. I recommend trying a different tactic.

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This is why I said @Metris_Marshmallow

I have personally never tried to catch a Jelmiry.


Lolz yah noone likely bothered to read all the epic threads I wrote about that I guess… I gave up after putting 3 weeks or more of systematic search in with 5h+ straight just sitting at spots and testing areas, noting down everything. Thanks to a guild member doing same we got a spreadsheet in guild for almost every fish, including Jelmiry, however its known spawn points are in the middle of night for me.
It does spawn during my usual farmtime but only at spots with a rate of 1:10. Apart from it even if you know all conditions and places, that helps nothing much, to “farm” it you STILL need to spend 2 braindead hours and more around its supposed spot to wait for the right weather condition.

And to keep in mind ALL this marvelous fish does is shorten the time to craft enh. potions, you can craft 10x recipes with it instead of the normal 1x. It is only one ingredient of complicated recipes needing 12 ingredients and more! So I was determined to find patterns, just because, but findings, even if I had found more, won’t contribute to gameplay.
You can just fish normally as most people I know do and craft full stacks of potions before you happen to find any Jelmiry with same time invested, which makes no sense. If i’m really in a hurry I use my bought Jelmiry for potions, but other than that i’m done with it since a long time, not even bothering to test for it anymore when conditions match.

An indicator more reliable than the pointless nibble-mechanics would likely make me at least find them by accident now and then, but I almost gave up on fishing alltogether after all these efforts to - not - figure an obviously idiotic game mechanic. The less people interested in the slowly-all-too-familiar dungeons the less I need fish or potions anyways, sadly…

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Errr you serious? There are countless confirmations of the “US spots”, people knew some from day one - the “time put in” was ZERO for most LOL!!! The first lucky guy told all the others, done.
Not 1 person could tell me any spot during my playtime or things I don’t already know. If you’re not playing when the server is buzzing or in a big guild you have near to no chance to find anything regardless of efforts put in.

Same with finding fish per accident, did you notice most of your guild never bothered to post em for others - while I posted ALL my findings in your channel. No hard feelings but a post like this, in the light of facts, sounds really a bit ignorant.

As for the “rarest end game materials”, well, why are they so rare? The point which fails to get across in the discussion, constantly, is ALL that Jelmiry does is save you 10-20mins of crafting or so - why the heck should it take weeks to find it?? Even 2h is too much from a game design point of view; it’s just a flawed item, also compared with all other “rare” fish, Kylakin included.

PS: For those wondering, my usual farming time is around now, at the time of this post, +/-2h

PPS: And sorry for gettin so emotional over this topic, but it’s not only the playing time wasted on it - which afaik nobody else invested, so far - this issue is just one more drop into the “game-not-meant-for-other-timezones”-bowl.
That’s the feeling you easily get anyway, there’s a hell lot of restrictions for non-us players, starting from the AH mechanics and ending with finding groups, which was fine after launch, but lately got harder and harder… the least we need now with raids out and all is mechanics locking players out from resources which just like raids also require a bigger community than available for them. There were many suggestions already before, like at least to remove overlaps and what not, but nothing happend.

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Lemme guess, US-player fishing at the known spots. But I think you did not figure any patterns yet or tried. Yea the rl time DOES matter, because of how they are designed.

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Actually my play time intersects with yours according to one of your many rage induced posts above. Also, I have my own fishing spots that I use that I found myself. I also use my own lures that I’ve tested and found to be the most effective, again by myself. And I’m also guildless. I play solo or with a RL friend who hates fishing. I hate alchemy so we do a trade system.

I think you expect to be able to farm a rare fish like you can anything else. If you could farm it like that it wouldn’t be rare. In EQ a rare spawn could mean you’re waiting days maybe even weeks (IRL) for it to spawn. So farming rares was a long game. Much like the rare fish in Orbus. I like it. I’m not saying you have to like it, but your expectations seem a little skewed in my opinion.

I feel like I’ve given plenty of hints and from the other threads I’ve seen, others have too but I’ll give one more. Don’t tunnel vision. Goodluck.


That is so fine for you, Parintachin, apparently I had worse luck. (Where is all the Jelmiry you sell on the market btw? It should be flooded by now with several guys stating it is sooo not a problem.)

And I give up on this, yea I am raging because it is plain simple logic for me. If a material which is supposed to SAVE you time is taking up 10x more time to get - at least for some, if not many players - than it saves, then this is just bad game design. Why that simple point isn’t understood in ANY of these threads is beyond me.

And I don’t need “hints” I know where and when it spawns, conditions, everything. We got a sheet with times and what not, all nightly times tho. These times are NOT available for me though, and not 1 person ever proved to me there is any good spot during other timeslots I indicated.
[Since I went out to farm daily and did not ever see you in the game I doubt you are playing much or at all at my times… - there’s barely anyone around and I walk up to any fisher, also I do remember ppl from forums if I see them.]

And I am not talking about “rare fish”, I am talking about ONE of them. Rare fish ARE farmed since the OG just fine, what else, the point about the whole fish thing was finding their patterns and then they certainly were farm-able.

I stumble over Kylakin and others all the time btw. What “expectations” should I draw from this, that one, and only one, is as good as non-existant? Which does nothing special but saves you a bit of time just like any rare which ever was in the game?
This is not a 1-time-trophy like the shoulder kitty, up from lvl 7 of dungeons it is an everyday-standard material to progress, at all.

That Jelmiry is a pretty fcked element of the game is nothing one should even need to argue about. The only reason I can figure that people do, despite, is that the majority either got their spots (and a strong interest in locking others out… very intresting what kind of suggestions are always talked down by whom) or, what I rather suppose, have no need for it, so they don’t really bother.

Edit: Looked up Parintachin… 2 whoopin potions crafted yet, 15 times less fish weight than I caught, 16 low shards in, logs not in mine, but the plain normal buzzing-us-servertime - I mean, nvm then, don’t think you’re at a point of the game where the issue is very relevant.

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His jelmiry isn’t on the market because I give him all my mats for all his fish XD.

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Actually nobody that I know of knows the exact spawn times of the rare fish honestly. I have some idea for a couple of them… But its not bullet proof.

I agree 100% that some more obvious indicators for rare fish being ‘available to fish up’ would be cool though. Makes fishing more of a social thing again rather than a mystical hit and miss.


Would be cool if you cast out a lure and there is rare fish the rare fish hop out of the water occasionally indicating that there is indeed legendary fish there, or something like that

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Well I do. We got a guild member who even can tell by the minute what is where. Which is impressing, but obviously he put a hell lot of testing time into finding that and only knows it at the main times he is playing (which are, sadly, not mine). Jelmiry alone is a special case since you always need to wait for weather conditions, even after figuring all other details, which makes it so very un-profitable, as noted above.
Just like in the OG it is still hard to get all rares from the market or if they are there, to do so for reasonable prices. Regarding the broad usage the fish got and the - very - limited number of people bothering to fish them rn, every other system or indicator than the nibble-one would be good.