Market Stall Auction Eight


We’re please to announce that bidding is now officially open for the next month of Market Stall Leases. The general rules and procedures are outlined in this Wiki article:

To place a bid, fill out this form:

Bids will be accepted from now until Friday November 16th at 12 PM (Noon) US Central Time. At that time the monthly lease price will be set and winners will be notified. The lease will begin on Monday, September 19th and last until at least December 19th.

A few additional notes:

  • If you have an existing stall and wish to upgrade it to the 24-slot stall, you will be able to do so once the monthly lease price for this month is set for its market area by paying the same fee as everyone else. The price of a 24-slot stall will be reduced to 2x cost total instead of 3x cost total.
  • There are 9 stalls available for lease in Highsteppe, and 11 available for lease in Guild City.
  • If you previously had a stall and don’t want it anymore, just don’t submit a bid. If you lose your existing stall you will have to remove all of your items from your stall by the end of the day on September 23rd or risk losing them. Note that if you get a stall again but end up in a different location, we will simply move your items for you.

If you have any other questions on this process please let me know. Thanks!

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Is there any restriction regarding main and alt account for buying stalls? Can you theoreticly buy two for each? (One in highstep, one in guild city)
The suspended rules don’t specify, and are suspended.


It’s up to two stalls per player. You can buy one on your main account and one on your alt if you want to, though.


Will this ever be automated and ingame?


Just bumping this up! You have about 3 more hours to bid!


Sooo… Who won? :slight_smile:


I’ll post the list later today hopefully.


i cant wait to hear the winners😁


The lease of a Highsteppe stall will be set at 29,000 dram. The following will be the choice order:


The lease of a Guild City stall will be set at 5,001 dram. The following will be the choice order:

August Lockehart
Metris Marshmallow

Please send me your preferred order if you want something other than the default as well as if you want an upgraded 2x capacity stall no later than 12 PM (Noon) on Sunday. If you lost your stall after last month’s lease, please move out your items by 8 AM Monday morning which is when the new leases will start.



so we started filling our stalls on Sunday


More like monday! It seems


Omg I got a stall I got a STALLLL it’s my very first :smiley:!!! Let’s hope some people still find to guild city and this money comes back to me, somehow…


same first time stall


People do go to guild city. When I had my stall in guild city i had to hustle like crazy. You should make that dram back easy!


how will we chose the stall we get


Have to send riley a message with your picks in choice order and if you want a single or double stall. The highstep price is 29k is for a 12 slot stall if you want a 24 slot stall the price is bouble


Hi, the stalls might only be turned over tomorrow, sorry for the delay.


Just wanted to note the delay is because I am in bed with the flu and a high fever today. Hoping to be back up and around tomorrow. Sorry for the hold up!


Your health has to come first! Rest up!