Market Stall Auction for January Leases

We’re please to announce that bidding is now officially open for the first set of Market Stall leases. The general rules and procedures are outlined in this Wiki article:

To place a bid, fill out this form:

Bids will be accepted from now until Friday, January 12th at 12 PM (Noon) US Central Time. At that time the monthly lease price will be set and winners will be notified. The lease will begin on Monday, January 15th and last until February 15th.

A few notes specific to the first few auctions:

  • Merchant-tier backers who already received a stall from the Kickstarter campaign have existing leases which are exempt from this auction and the next. So basically, their stalls are locked in as-is.
  • If you are a Merchant-tier backer who wants to bid on a different Market Area than the one you are already in to get another stall, you may do so using the same procedure as the standard auction format.
  • If you have an existing stall and wish to upgrade it to the 24-slot stall, you will be able to do so once the monthly lease price for this month is set for its market area by paying the same fee as everyone else.
  • There are 4 stalls available for lease in Highsteppe, and 10 available for lease in Guild City.

Please note the rules regarding Market Groups and how they affect the auction process.

If you have any other questions on this process please let me know. Thanks!

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I’m a little confused about the bidding process. Lets say you have the below 8 max bids come in and there are only 4 stalls available:

A 6,000
B 7,000
C 10,000
D 11,000
E 12,000
F 13,000
G 15,000
H 30,000

So, obviously E, F, G, and H get the stalls, does that mean they all pay 12,000 dram and H gets to pick the stall first?

Also, I assume you can only make a bid of what you have. Is there anything from stopping someone making a bid above their means?

If a player submits a bid for a stall and does not have sufficient dram to pay for the lease when the auction ends, they will be banned from participating in future stall auctions and their bid will be discarded.

In that scenario, 12,000 dram would be the set monthly lease price, which is what all winning bidders (E,F,G,H) would pay, yes. Then they would get to pick their stall preference in order (H,G,F,E).

Justin is correct, this is covered in the rules, please take the time to read them carefully.


Just making clear. 1 person is allowed to bid and win 1 stall from each area. So a person is allowed a maximum of 2 stalls in the game?

I am assuming most players hit around the 15k dram mark when hitting level 20.
Have you based the 5k amount around a stat from the average level 20 player because that seems to be a lot.

Also if you upgrade to the 24 slot, does this carry on for say another purchase the next month?

Lastly, what are you going to do with all this Dram Riley. lol

A Market Group (as defined in the rules) is currently allowed only 2 stalls in the game, yes. They can both be upgraded stalls, however (24 slots each).

We may relax this rule in the future once a solid economy is established, but right now my primary concern is preventing price fixing and monopolies from forming since the game is so early. So I want to make sure lots of people have a chance to participate in the economy.


We have a listing of what every player in the game currently has in terms of dram. I can tell you there are far more players in the game with 5,000 dram than there are stalls available (like, a lot more). Not everyone may want to spend money on a stall, though. Also, considering the game has only been out for about 3 weeks and the majority of the dram has been earned in the last week or so, I think by the end of the week there will be even more.

Also consider that it’s totally acceptable and expected that Fellowships or groups of players may want to pool their resources together to own a stall. Obviously in that scenario we are just dealing with one person who owns it, but I imagine there are groups of friends and whatnot who will go in together to own one and split the profits.

You decide each month if you want the upgraded stall or not. So you could start this month with a 12-slot stall, then upgrade next month, then if you don’t feel like it was worth it drop back down.

Haha, it’s a gold sink, it just goes away into the abyss…

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Couple more. Will the final prices be announced publicly? Can you add a way for people to name there stalls in game?. That way if a stall moves from 1 month to the next you will be able to find a certain stall that you want.


Yes we will announce the final price publicly. We have long-term plans to support further customization of stalls including things like names and changing the look if it to make it look more distinct.


What about the Jungle market above New Kingsport at the airship dock? Are those stalls potentially available? (If not now, in the future?)

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What is the minimum bid price? Also, don’t you think a lifelong ban from bidding is a bit harsh for such a simple mistake?

Edit: I’ve found that the minimum bid is 5k. Please also post this in the main thread :slight_smile:

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@Riley_D I thought today was Thursday and so I submitted my app. I now realize that it isn’t Thursday xD Nobody has corrected me all day…

Is it possible to change my application or should I submit a new one or leave it be and hope for the best?

If you mean you want to change your application because you want to submit a higher bid or something, just fill out the form a second time and I will just take your most recent submission as your correct one.


Just bumping this to the top one last time. You’ve got a little over 24 hours from the time I’m writing this to submit your bid if you want to be considered.


I’m assuming you’d have messaged us on the forums by now if we’d won?

Haha no.

Bidding is closed I will publicly release the winners later today and the lease price.

Oh. I didn’t think you’d recieve that many bids… uh oh…

I didn’t think I’d win anyway :slight_smile: