Market Stalls Returning

With the full release of the raid next week we will also be seeing the return of the market stalls! We’ve spent some time revamping the system since “Preborn” and this thread is to go over some of those changes prior to the system’s release.

We’ve eliminated the old bidding system and moved over to an automated system utilizing the auction house. A player who is interested in purchasing a market stall will simply visit their favorite auctioneer, select the Items category (Runemage Reagent icon) and bid on the current market stall auction. Market stalls will be auctioned off in series instead of all at once, meaning only one market stall auction will be active at a time. Each market stall auction will last for 3 days before it is replaced by the next stall in the sequence.

There are currently 10 market stalls available in the game, meaning each owner will have their stall for 27 days before it reappears on the auction house and 30 days before that next auction listing ends and ownership of the stall could change hands. Players are able to rebid on the stall they currently own, but are not allowed to bid on any other stalls. If a player does repurchase the auction stall they currently own then their items and dram remain in the market stall chest and sales continue as they were. If a new player purchases a stall already owned by another players then any remaining items or dram belonging to the previous owner will be returned to their delivery and auction chests respectively. If an auction stall does not receive any bids it will be vacant until it comes back up for bid.

The current starting bid on market stalls is 10,000 dram and bids placed on a market stall are exempt from the 2% convenience fee normally added to auction house bids.

In addition to this items that are currently listed for sale at a market stall will also appear in the auction house as single stack buyout only options. Items purchased from a stall via the auction house will still be subject to the 2% convenience fee and these items will be delivered to the purchasing player’s delivery chest. Dram from items listed in a market stall that are sold through the auction house will not be subject to the 4% seller’s fee and that dram will be sent to the seller’s market stall chest.


Ok so I am only able to bid on one stall a time or there is only ever 1 auction running…? As I understand that there is like only 1 stall available the first 3 days, likely goin to one seller swimming in dram (or be lucky enough to bid last in “right” timezone… I hate bidding in the AH for that reason -.- ), then 1 more the next 3 days (where hopefully THIS seller can’t bid again) etc.?
What is with alts? Will I need to wait weeks until all high-dram people got their 2 stalls, one with an alt one with their main?
The system sounds a bit confusing for me, at first sight, and also stressful if we have to be there in the middle of the night whenever an auction runs out.
Also for these auctions I would like to have anonymous names, for once, to prevent players kicking out certain others just for fun.

Also stalls don’t seem very attractive now imo. The single stack buyouts are the main flaw of the market stalls! I want a stall to put like 50 potions in and not care about them until people bought this off, slowly. No one needs 50 a time, normally, though. I don’t see the point of stalls if it still shows as a whole stack in the AH and only those walking up to the stalls can buy singles.
The AH should work rather exactly like the stalls, a thing which is put as stack in the stall, for x amount dram each, is always shown in the AH (as 1 such item for x amount dram; if that’s bought then it shows again if there’s more) until the stack is depleted.

(And the stalls should have numbers, please, like in old HS, so we can point friends, guildmates etc. to our stall more easily!)

There will only ever be 1 auction running at a time and a player who already owns a stall will not be able to bid on another stall. This does mean that it will take about a month for all stalls to be populated the first time around. At the moment the stall do show the current high bidder, but it shouldn’t be an issue to make the system anonymous should that become an issue.

This is actually exactly how the system is implemented currently. I worded it poorly in the initial post. By “single stack” I actually meant stacks of 1. So yes, if you put 50 potions in your market stall they will be purchased one at a time until all 50 are depleted whether the buyer is purchasing them from the AH or the stall directly.

We did remember the numbers :slight_smile: If you click on the first picture in the original post to enlarge it you can see the little wooden 4 hanging from the “Player Stall” sign indicating which stall it is.


Oops ook, the 4 in the pic looks like one of those “hidden items” games :wink:

Great that they work like this with singles, then they are indeed useful.

The only worry I got with the auction is that I hardly be able to auction anything, because it requires to be online at a certain time, during worktime, in the middle of the night, during dungeon runs etc. And then still it’s a mere game of luck if you are the last bidder or not. So far I auctioned almost nothing of regular items, because I can’t be round when the timer runs out.

The old system allowed to place a certain bid and forget about it. The new makes the last hour of an auction most important to get a stall - btw minutes-left-indicators would be very good so we don’t need to idle around for an hour in front of the auctioneer! - and necessarily locks some people out from bidding due to their timezone or rl. For something that important as stalls I dunno if that is good, also not looking forward to pause dungeons every 3 days because members need to watch their stall-biddings, the unlucky over and over :-/
But perhaps a matter of trying (and the timezones are hard to count in; it won’t likely even be fair to post half of stalls at eu-times and half at us times, there’s still australians or asians missing out).

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How many slots are available in the chest for the stalls, before it was 12 with the upgrade option for 24, is this still the case?

Will dragons that are for sale preview now? Does this include the larger player owned store?

On the topic of time zones, would it work out better if we made each auction last for 74 hours? That should cycle through different end times for each stall pretty well and will give each stall owner right around 31 days of ownership instead of 30.

The market stall are set at 12 slots and no longer have an upgrade option. Players who want more than the 12 slots available will want to take advantage of the larger player shops once they become available.

What do you mean by dragon preview? Like will they show a tool tip in the vendor screen or?

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No the issue she is talking about is that you have to be online when the auction is finishing to be able to “snipe” the last bid to be able to win it, if you made it so which market stall finished on a different hour or something I think that would work as then everytime zone has a chance to be online when the auction is finishing at least once per month

I think he means having it sit on the table like potions did on the old stalls, not the tooltips which already work

Right, so by changing the length of the auctions to 74 hours instead of 72 this would accomplish having the end times hit different time zones as different stalls become available, wouldn’t it?

As of right now the items that appear on a market stall display should be the same as what would appear before Reborn. If there is time to circle back to them later we might be able to add to what already appears.

Buuuut are the bids not still hidden? So you don’t know if you have the highest bid just like in the old game. There is no ‘sniping’???

That would work, sorry I misunderstood there I think at 1st

Before it was only potions and pet treats that showed up, no harvestables, dyes, lure components, pets or shards, would need to looked at

Just want to say that the market stalls will become a lot more attractive for players if you make more items visible on the stalls like the dragon pets. That is why he asked.


Pretty sure the market stall bidding is going to be the same as any other bid on the auction house.

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That would be really bad…

What is the real benefit to owning a stall now?
I could maybe see if the dragons sat on the table top so people could see them. I know you save a little bit on the fees but is it enough to cover the cost of the stall in 30 days?

not like there is any value able items anyways besides the rare cosmetics :man_shrugging:

74 h is better so it’s not always the same time, but I’m still not fond of the whole “normal-auction” system. If there’s 12 stalls or so available, spread over different times in 24h, then there’s still only like 2-3 times a day where I possibly can hang around for an hour at the auction house. If there’s a work event on this day or anything people will miss out. Those who can be in the game all day long or most of the night got an advantage over that, and I still fear if a market stall auction runs out at evenings it will screw up dungeon groups because those interested need to watch their auction all the time.
But well, I am no fan of adjusting my rl to rare ingame events which I don’t even enjoy (Jelmiry :frowning: ), in general.

I’m a proud owner of stall number 2 and it seems to be working well, only issue is I have to take an item out, then put it back in to collect any money I earned

That has always been the case for stalls, same with the AH

I’m curious who won stall 1 as they haven’t put anything on it yet

Everyone can just snitch it if he bids at the right moment, some might not even bother about using stalls, just over-bid you for fun. The whole thing is a game of luck now, for those around at minute 0… not even bothering and doubt I be fast enough when all this finally takes place at a time I can play; and then this whole fuzz EVERY month to keep it omg when i’m not there at the exact day and time I’d loose again; or if i’m laggin; or…; really hate to see them auctioned like this, it’s as hostile to rl schedules as can be.