Mimic Cape and Pet

I dropped a Mimic Cape while treasure hunting this morning. I was not aware that one existed but in researching the cape, I found out that there is supposed to also be a pet as well. Has anyone gotten the Mimic pet and what does it look like if you have?

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Surprise! :sweat_smile: It was one of the things we had made but wasn’t dropping before so we decided to put in the game with yesterday’s update.

Regarding the pet I believe it always dropped from the Mini Story Pack treasure maps.


The Mini Story pack. Is that the DLC?

Yes, he is referring to the DLC

Must be pretty rare. Does anyone know what it looks like?


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Nice. I don’t remember seeing one of those. I will have to keep an eye out.

Where was the map that pop’d cape? In overworld or dlc?

I was all over the map this morning. I want to say it was behind the dungbeetle farmer.

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Is the Cape held to dlc only, or any dram dupe that pops up from maps?

I’m not sure. It was early and way before coffee. Just knowing it is out there should give treasure maps a boost in popularity.

You know what? With all of the requests for the complete set of gear out there, i wonder if the gloves were added as well. I’ll bet they were.

This is how rumors are started!!! LOL

It’s from the overworld (non dlc) maps.


That should raise the price of overworld treasure maps in the auction house. For the longest time only DLC maps would sell.

I was wondering about this, cause I added it to the Armory a long damn time ago but I had never seen anyone wearing one. This explains it lol

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Also found out, At the Achievement Vendor if you’ve got HIDDEN THREAT III completed. You can buy the cape for dram.