Mini-Test Wednesday October 4th

As I mentioned in the last blog post, we will be holding a “mini” stress test beginning tomorrow, October 4th, at 8 PM US Central Time. Here’s a countdown clock:

During this test, the servers will be online for about an hour to test our new networking layer ahead of the next Closed Beta test later this month. Our goal during this test is to get lots of people online mostly so that we can test the new networking stuff on as many different people’s setups as possible.

In particular, if you were one of the folks who was having frequent disconnect issues (like more than a couple of times per hour) during the last test, I would love it if you could make it to let us know if this is any better/worse/the same for you.

Other things to note:

  • You must have Closed Beta access to participate in this mini-test, just like any other Beta test.
  • The database will be backed up before this mini-test begins, and restored after it ends. That means nothing that happens during this test (e.g. XP gained, quests completed, loot gained, etc.) will be saved. We’re doing that because we don’t want people who can’t make it to this very short window to feel like they are missing out or getting left behind.
  • Everyone will have their location reset to Highsteppe.
  • The new features (such as Runesmithing) will not be available to test during this test.
  • To add some fun to the proceedings, assuming things go well around 15-20 minutes after the test begins I will spawn Elongata (the World Boss) into the middle of Highsteppe for you all to fight. Plus that will probably stress the server a lot…

This post will serve as the feedback thread for the test, so I’ll post here again tomorrow when the patch is available to download, most likely around Noon tomorrow (US CST).



i think it’s very cool fight Elongata in Highsteppe, but would be easy if we can respawn right in Highsteppe

Yeah it definitely won’t have the same level of challenge as a typical boss fight, and on top of that who knows what might go wrong since I haven’t really tested it there, but since the database isn’t saving anything anyway, it will just be for fun.

what part of highsteppe will it spawn in? I may be thinking of overburdening myself with potions and chugging them for ultimate survival. I need to be able to at least wiggle my way close enough to sword rush!

gonna use all 70 of ur ultra aged potions?

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Dang, I’ll be stuck at work at that time. Good luck y’all with the world boss.:cowboy_hat_face:

Hope I can make it! It’s about 10pm my time (EST), so if work is super slow tomorrow then i just might be able to get on in time. I really want to take part in the boss fight :smiley:

I’ll be in bed then (2:00 a.m. here), and given that I’m up at 5, I’ll not be there. I hope it goes well! :+1:

It’ll be 9pm est - 10pm est

Ummm…I have no idea yet. Probably in the market square area.

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Oh, rip, true. Well there goes any chance of me being able to come :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it going to kill my npc for my market stall:)

It’s entirely possible. :stuck_out_tongue:

Once your npc is dead I’ll loot your store and resell it on the black market

lol, I better take an inventory, don’t need the plant boss stealing my loot

Too many adds to keep track of. Those forest golums will be nice piñatas!

The patch is now available to download, just start your launcher to get it. You can use the same launcher as the one from the last test.

See you all tonight!


any chance you can turn on PvP in Highsteppe, so we can kill each other

The server is now online, enjoy!

Maybe, we’ll see how it goes!