Monster AI Feedback


Hi, we’re excited to hear your thoughts about the new monster AI. Now different monsters will have different behaviors as well as ways you can fight them.

  • They now have cast bars and you are able to dodge their projectiles.

  • Some of them have casts that you can interrupt, for example the flying mages have a cure ability that will heal themselves. Currently, the interrupts you can use are: warrior shield bash, musketeer gravity orb, ranger charged shot as well as trap, runemage pushback, and bard justice crescendo.

  • They will also now move around and sometimes dodge certain abilities, or try to stay at a certain range.





Just out of interest, how long is the mob cast time? The ranger charge shot is 2 seconds charge so will we even be able to interrupt it in time?


If we keep pushing a ranged enemy back, will they eventually reset or could we push them all over the map?


For the mobs in the beta right now it’s definitely possible, I think the cast time is 3+ seconds. The ones that are faster you can predict when they’ll start doing it and prepare for it.


Try it out and let us know, haha.


Also this has been reduced to 1.5 seconds in the current build.


Could you make it 1 second and then in the future the talent can be changed to something else that isn’t so “required” xD


Once you teleport while in combat to dodge an attack using your full teleport your teleport no longer regens and you can’t teleport to move at all anymore


I think maybe what’s happening here is there was a change where if you are sliding in combat (even while not sprinting) it does not let your Stamina regen (but does not drain it). This was to prevent the “constantly slide and teleport at the same time so monsters never catch me” mechanic.

If that’s not what’s going on let me know.


Another thing I just want to make sure folks are aware of. With the new dynamic scaling it’s really important to have the correct level of weapon for your level. So if you are Level 4 and still are using the beginner weapon, you are going to be significantly weaker than intended. I know that the Missions are giving a lot of XP so people are leveling up quickly, so just want to make that PSA so folks are aware for balancing testing purposes.


Yeah that’s not the case, now if you jump out of something with teleport that’s it, you can’t teleport again


Okay, I’ll take a look.


Icon on charge shot is broken so no idea when the cooldown is up


Yep I got that one noted, thanks.


Gravity orb recharge time is FAR too long to be useful. I want to comment on alot of the mechanics, but I have a feeling they are feeling like crap atm due to the server lag being so bad.


It seems your mechanic is glitching and causing it to get stuck in a state of no regen regardless of if you are sliding or not.


Are you both on Vive or Oculus?


Vive …20 chars and stuff