Monster AI Feedback


It was not fun last night when there was 2 groups of us going for colossus and then these little guys would respawn and wipe us, happened repeatedly


For me I don’t think it’s very fun, especially with how they’re distributed around the world. It’s not easy to go around them if you solo or don’t have a fast range dps. I don’t have any suggestions, but they seem like overpowered kamikaze bombs at the moment.


It depends on the class, I figured zero chance against the exploding thingies with my warrior, all ok with ranger and mage. The musky sucks too at them, but likely because they are lvl 5 mobs with my starter weapon.

(Also with lags they just vanish without notice, charging with my warrior I thought at first all these are bugged)


Right. I think only rangers and mages really stand a chance of killing them before they get too close. For myself as a warrior they would get close. One would explode, and the other would kill me with a spinning back kick to the solar plexus


I guess my suggestion would be to use the mechanic on an enemy that more resembled a bomb. Maybe the stick guy is holding a giant bomb in a backpack or something so it’s more obvious, and then be more selective in where/how they’re used. It could be really cool maybe in a dungeon to have one lurking around a corner to spring like a trap


I think it would be better of the explosive charge timer is extended to something like 1 second so people have a chance to dodge it…


True. Why have the current charge timer if it’s unavoidable? However if it explodes on itself and we dodge it, do we get XP for its death? If so, it would be really easy to just farm them.


That’s easy, have the exp given only when the group has been defeated or just cut the exp out of the exploding ones. It’s not like the exploding mobs are everywhere in the world. It’s only one part of the huge world.


I added a 1-second timer on the explode, see how that makes it.


Not fun at all. I had a few people rage quit over it early in the day. Between the lag and watching an entire group wipe with little to no way to deal with it, frustration quickly built up and people logged. The fact that those round house kick also ignore healer shield or do so much damage as to overwhelm it is doubly infuriating. The models are also too small to even really see what the hell they are doing to even anticipate it. “kill thing before it gets to you” is stupid when they can respawn on you as you work your way down into the caves.


Also they have stupidly small hitboxes which are terrible


Sometimes when mobs dodge or retreat they’ll either go into or through walls and other objects or they’ll just get suck in their retreating animation and no longer attack you and just run around until you kill them.