More Magical Things

I think the current spell system is great but the runemage shouldn’t be the only way to use magic. Runemage should instead be the only class that can use powerful rune magic (the spells already in the game that you find around the world) and other classes should be able to learn simple spells that don’t require drawn runes. I still think that the runemage should have the most powerful magic because they have to draw spells but for example a warrior should be able to do quickcast spells. Quickcast spells would be simple spells that wouldn’t require a drawn tune but instead require mana. Mana would be a new bar by your health that is used for non runemage classes to cast their spells. For example a warrior would take 20% of their mana to cast a fireball. The warriors magic would do less damage than the runemages magic to keep the runemage as a needed class. I think any adaptation of magic for other classes would work, my way probably isn’t the best but I do think that other classes having magic would fit in. *thanks for all the replies the idea wasn’t as thought out as I wanted it to be, just some ideas i had while talking in game that i wanted to get down and get other opinions on

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I dont agree. Runemage magic is what makes OrbusVr so unique, and i feel like adding magic to other classes would make runemage even less played. People already dont play runemage because it is hard to do, adding magic to other classes would make runemage irrelevant.

I misread this the first time and now want there to be no magic for any other class.

so if runemage is the only magic… How do shaman orbs appear? is it some kind of mech or engineer thing? a little flame thrower empowers a flammable ball until you throw it then the totem builds up a new ball and places it up.
so when a paly teleports with his hammer thats not magic its actually a invisible piece of string that rips you over to the hammers position.

but more on topic, I like how each class feels unique. I don’t think adding magic to everything else would be that fitting. adding new stuff to a class sure but a warrior using magic doesn’t make sense to me.

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I was just thinking about how it’s called RUNEmage, maybe implying there’s other ways to cast magic or it would just be a mage. However thinking about it more I feel like a better fit would be magical items you could equip allowing you to do a spell with any class. These would break after using them a certain amount of time and could be made by runemages. This would make runemages even more relevant and popular as they would now have their own way to make dram (selling magical items) But I understand your point and I do agree with it a bit.

Unfortunately that seems counter-intuitive to the skill based, group reliant gameplay the game is based around.

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I’ve always though of the Paladins hammer as magic and not the Paladin himself, so it would make sense to be able to obtain magical items as any Class. Now I’ve changed my mind on my original idea but still like the idea of magical items/weapons. Kinda like Skyrim. I think it would add more strategy to the game if a (keeping the same example) warrior had to pick between a sword with high damage and a sword with lower damage but can cast a fireball. I’m still not sure if this is the way to do it but to keep it balanced these new magic weapons/items should perma break and should only be able to be made by runemages or dropped by high level enemies.

After reading the replies I agree now. Although I still think there could be something like a ring that would allow you to temporarily cast a certain magic. It would perma break after a number of uses and would be an end-game item.

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Essentially every classes abilities are already their magic just activated in different ways. Paladins use their books to heal themselves and whatever else. Muskys have their orbs. Scoundrels have cards. I mean warriars only have combos if I remember but basically every class uses magic. Just instead of mana it has cool down.

You should check Weapon Affixes, Talents, and Artificing. Those are kinda like enchantments

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Yeah, i thought it would be cool if runemages could also make magical items to sell to other players. Like a runemage could imbue a glove or something with a rune they know. But I do agree that only runemages should be able to do true rune magic.

I always think of Shaman as channeling spiritual power, which is separate from the elemental and force magic that a Runemage employs.
The Pali-port could be explained by a simple dweomer attached to the weapon, which is more like witchcraft…which is a totally different school of magic…

I dunno… I played a lot of D&D stuff…so all this makes sense to me xD

Again. Its just different flavors of magic. Still magic though.

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I agree, i see runemagic as the true magic though in the world of Orbus.

Tinny mulbrith one of the greatest rune mages to ever live is rolling over in her maybe grave (@stone_r is she dead?). She taught the mages of the past to understand not only runic magic but that of potion-making! See magic may be channeled in rune mages across parytel there is magic in all our lives and in our hearts.

But I wouldn’t go to a paleontologist if I wanted a weather forecast. lol
In any event I agree that the magical disciplines should not be shared amongst the Orbus classes!

Yea she helped in the attempt to kill stephotp which is a crime so someone killed her I forget who

How about having a magical gun (i.e. a pistol that shoots fireball or frost)… That will be great! Casting spells isn’t easy. At least, the other classes can do some magical attacks :slight_smile:

Scoundrel already has an ice card, which makes it a “pistol that shoots… frost”


Suggesting a pistol, like frost gun that can shoot frost balls when the yellow bar is full. This is available for for Scoundrel and Musketeer, and make this item like some special drop from special event (i.e. Raid or dungeon).

I feel like while the idea could be cool, I struggle to think of any actual examples of effects that would be useful or mechanically interesting enough to really justify it’s existance. I feel like almost every relevant elemental effect boil down to applying debuffs that already easily get applied as is or just straight damage buffs which would not be very interesting.

For example the ice gun wouldn’t see much hype because scoundrels already have a slow card and rotation mages keep enemies perpetually slowed anyway.

I do really like the idea of adding unique weapons in the game, i just think that they should be a little less straight forward. I think that if a weapon gives you some big interesting boost should also come with an interesting down side. I really like how tiles make people experiment and change up how they play and I think these should do the same.

Maybe you have a gun with a smaller clip that does less damage but your bullets come back faster, giving you some reasonable total dps boost but making the class harder to play

Maybe you have a wand that punishes you for failing spells

Maybe you have a mask that gives you an extra totem.

Maybe you make paladin have less pip slots

These are all crazy ideas that would require ungodly amounts of testing and balancing but I still like to think about how easily you could shatter the established meta by playing with some of the core mechanics of classes