More PVP maps and Game modes

Hi, I like pvp in this game currently, but it might get kind of stale if we only have goblin and one-map battlegrounds all the time.

I’d like to suggest or know if there are any plans to add a few more possible maps to battlegrounds.

Likewise, more game modes beyond just capture the flag in battlegrounds, or goblin in the overworld could really add some needed variety to Orbus’ fledgling pvp scene. In battlegrounds, a defend the hill or a team deathmatch mode could be interesting. Likewise it’d be nice to see some overworld pvp defend the event flag that fellowships could compete on.

Thanks! Was posting about this in the other pvp thread but felt it deserved its own topic.


And if these are done, a smaller one like 2v2 please… I believe a map only bit smaller than the current, or with only 2 flags, should already be fine. I am not at all into pvp, but I’d like to have a chance to finally get my missing reputation at the npc up. The queue is not ever popping during my playtime, where server count is too low for that, I mean, how should 8 people gather easily, if there’s hardly 30-50 on server? Dungeons are popping, after some waiting time, so I guess a 2v2 bg would also work.

Also I really don’t care if I get ported to a dungeon or bg, the option to queue for both at the same time would likely make it more possible to queue also.

Yep. PvP could be so much more.

I would love to see more battlegrounds and other PvP related things or at least hear a bit more about it.

We were told this close to a year ago, but no information on it after the fact. Is there any information on it at all? I hate to call it out but anything PvP related just seems to get ignored by the devs at this point.

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