Move maps to front of Journal

I spend so much time flipping through my book just to get to the map. Could you please move them to the front of the journal?

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I agree. Or at least move them in front of the runemage spells. Once you’ve acquired quite a few of those spells, it’s annoying to flip past them every time.

Then again, maybe I should turn on beta and see what’s changed. :wink:

How do I turn on beta?

Looks like it’s only available for steam, but Riley describes the process here:

AFAIK the beta client includes performance and backend changes only

I thought it moved some pages out of the player journal into books. I haven’t tried it, but I would think that ripping out those extra pages would be beneficial. I’m just not sure what else changed with the player journal (if anything).

We put the in game lore books in the world (on all branches of the game) but have not removed the journal pages yet, in case someone is on the quest and using them currently and havent had a chance to find the in game book. We will be removing the “duplicate” journal pages that are now in game lore books in a future patch.

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It would be really nice if the journal had some sort of tab or bookmark system. It gets really old flipping back and forth through each individual page, especially when going from map to quest page, then back to map because you got lost and now you need to see what to kill again so there you are flipping back through your book again and its just never ending. It would makes things so much simpler!

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