Musketeer vs Healing Mob


I’ve seen several other posts on this topic, but I just missed getting comments on them before they closed. I think this one summed up my feelings pretty well:

In short, these self healing mobs are a major annoyance for musketeers. It takes a small act of god to get the timing right to weaken them, poison them, freeze them, kite them, and stun them before they heal themselves, and when they heal you have to start the process all over again. Other classes have the damage burst to get through these mobs, but musketeers do not.

I don’t think you can get around this by pumping up the dps for musketeers, because that would make them OP. However, I can see a couple of ways this could be improved.

  1. Decrease the healing these things can do. This could be done by reducing the amount of each heal or increasing the cooldown on the heal. Mobs that can heal like the guys in the jungle are fine in a dungeon, but they are nearly invincible when going 1v1 against a musketeer.

  2. Give the musketeer some kind of counter to healing. If I could keep an orb on an enemy to prevent it from healing itself, or severely limit it’s self healing, then I would be able to kill these things. This could be worked into an existing orb as an additional effect, or added as an entirely new orb. Later game dungeon/raid mobs could be immune to this type of orb as needed to keep the end game content working properly (assuming there are healing mobs in there). Perhaps something in the new talent system could help with this.

Things can still work the way they are, but for it to work well you really need to level a second class along with the first. That is doable currently, but requires a lot of grinding to keep up. Having additional optional low level quests to help level up a second (or third or fourth) class would help this become a better solution.


I would just like it if the stun orb actually stunned for longer than .5 seconds. It would help the problem at least a little.


I don’t know how musketeer works, but the stun orb should interrupt the healing?
As a warrior I also struggle to take them out without using shield bash to interrupt the healing.


Yeah, a good interrupt would be nice. I’ve tried that approach, but it hasn’t been effective. I’m not sure if my timing is off, or if the heal doesn’t go on cooldown when it is interrupted, so they just recast it .5 seconds later. I do like the idea of making this possible through interrupts though. That requires much more skill than keeping on a debuff to counter the healing.


I’d suggest just ignoring them even if you pull aggro. The time it takes, even if you were to cancel their healing, in order to kill them just isn’t worth it when you could pull two regular mobs of the same level, and get twice as much exp over time. I’m pretty sure I leveled my musket without killing a single healer tbh. Just a thought :slight_smile:


Yeah, that will work in general. I do have quests to kill a few, but I can come back and do those with an alternate class as I level it, or when I am over leveled enough to deal enough damage to get them down. Thanks for the suggestion!


Your stop healing orb is actually very cool! This could make group pvp, and dungeon bosses more interesting. This could be worked into bosses to require the use of a heal debuff on them making musky players decide which orb they need to replace.

I think it would be better if they made the heal a heal over time. Then a enemy debuff orb could be worked in. This would also make the stagtolls, the monsters that heal, doable with musky as long as the musky can do more dps than the monster is able to heal. It would however still prove a longer and annoying fight, but at least doable. This also makes the fight with them a bit more intuitive, i.e. they are outhealing me, I need to do more damage or stop the healing.


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