New Battlegrounds Map Suggestions

Hey everyone, in the near future our art team will be working on designing a new battlegrounds map, and we’d like to know which features you’d want to see in the actual level and environments.

For example, compared to the current maps, would you prefer it to have more cover, indoor areas, or be more open and less linear? Things like that. Let us know what sort of objects or terrain you want to see.

One thing we’ll definitely be doing is making it more obvious which side of the map you’re on.



Urban settings (new Highsteppe city, old Highsteppe town, old Guild City would be AWESOME)

Do other game modes count? Capture the flag, free for all, assaulting/defending a castle, a random player being given the World Boss potion/gun/whatever you use to make yourself a world boss.


Not much of an environment suggestion, but if you’re going to be working on the battlegrounds then a beam(like the public event beams) at each flag showing which team has it from a distance would be a welcome QoL update.


I like that, I think a more lore driven build would be amazing, I want to run around old Guild City


What about chaos portals that could take you from one side of the map to the other, there would be 3 secs of invincibility so you can’t be spawned killed and have there be a 10 sec cool down to use the portal again

Also what if right at the start of the round instead of going right into it without a plan you spawn in a room and have 10 seconds to make a plan and there is a map table in the middle of the room, this room would also tell what team your on

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My only suggestion would be to take a look at the design of old school succesful pvp oriented mmorpgs like Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online with their objective oriented maps, as well as their outcome having an impact on the regular (non pvp or mixed) game world.

(specifically the parts that made them initially succesful, and the parts that later on became their downfall)

Definitely on board with weaving a bit of lore into Battlegrounds! I also think having an indoor map with a lot of corners and close quarter combat potential would be cool, like the inside of a castle or something

I’m not sure about map ideas but I have to say I would do battlegrounds a lot more if I could see how many people were queued up at any given time. I dont queue up because it almost never pops but if I could see there were already people in queue then I probably would.


I fully support this but I think you will be happy to know there already is, the reason we fight each other is to get ready for the citadel but that’s kinda it… would love more

Like it make sense that we’re doing it for the citadel it just feels like a bit lazy with no other things to add to it

Maybe lore on why we decided that organized murder was a good way to train, who came up with the idea and when we do it could we be doing it as like a sport and people are watching us for enjoyment

There’s so much they can do with it I hope they look into possible lore

What about an airship battle involving multiple airships that players could walk across via “bridges”?
The objective could be something along the lines of demolishing the opposition’s airships, ending with their spawn point.

(If you choose this, we will need a cutlass and/or flintlock transmog.)


this would be perfect… for one shot scoundrels. it has to be even with mid, long and close range otherwise it would be unfair by how a lot of the classes work. i agree a building would be awesome but i previously said an abandoned building would be great so there is more space for long-mid ranged players.

my idea for a map would be a ruined building maybe in the desert to bring some old game back. such as a temple, that would be sick if you ask me.

abandoned desert temple!!!

I think a mix of both would be a good idea. Maybe make it so that you can go from point to point very quickly and efficiently in a straight line but you have to go through larger open areas/empty corridors that leave you exposed and visible. Then you could add longer paths on the outskirts with lots of cover and good firing angles and ambushing opportunities on the open areas.

Anyone that hits “NO” on the popup twice should be have a 10 minute cool down for reentering the queue


I don’t think spawning close to a first point so you have to go get it is fun at all, just make both teams spawn equal distances away from all points (so horizontal to the three lined up points). Also a symmetrical map is not really needed, which allows for more creativity with the two points on either end instead of just a few changes.

As far as theme, absolutely love the entire aesthetic of the DLC and could easily see a miniature pvp battle happening really anywhere. Can get super creative with giant pvp themed objects! Like having one indoors point being a gigantic player bag with the flap open, some gigantic items still inside, others spilled around the open flap. (Reagents, speed pots, and of course can’t forget one or two trickster tokens!)

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