New Blog: Reborn Spotlight on Endgame Content and Post-Launch Content Patches


Hey everyone,

New blog out today where we discuss a bit about the end-game content that will be available for Reborn at launch and the plans post-launch for content patches. Read on here:

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So normal mode and hard mode raid gear will look the same even though hard mode is going to be much harder to get?

I was super disappointed that the current expert mode looks the same as hard even though it was a hell of a lot harder to get

The will the reborn hard mode at least have the extra flair that normal->hard did on current orbus?


was just about to say the same. also I though all end game gear was going to be class specific not just the raid gear. doesn’t really bother me that much but I know some people don’t like that.


As you know, I don’t like to promise things until I am sure we can deliver them. Right now since we are committed to designing a separate style of each piece of gear for each class for the Raids, we aren’t totally sure how long that is going to take (the process is started but not finished at this point).

The Legendary weapons will only be available in the high-tier shard dungeons and the Hard Raid, so that is one significant difference. There will also be cosmetic items (cape, dyes, title, and mount) that are only available in the Hard Mode Raid. So there will be plenty of ways to show off in-game that you conquered the hard-mode raid, I’m just not sure if we will have a totally new look of the gear as one of those ways at this point.


So we won’t be having Light/Medium/Heavy group sets, but 8 separate sets? Has there been any movement on the idea of designating sets for easy switching or inventory storage? We’re looking at a whole tab of gear now, between all the classes

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Even if it’s just a few extra little bits on the gear or different patterns for the accent dyes it would be good to have the top tier of the end game be to obvious to tell apart from the mid level gear from normal mode

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Can you also please explain why the raid again has higher gear then shards? Previously I kinda understood it because the raid was pushed waaay after shards and ppl needed a motivation to do them. Buut as I can tell you, doing the highest shards is waaay harder then doing a raid. I hoped that in reborn there will be a good motivation for players to get the highest stuff from raids AND shards. Not just raids.

I rather want to see you can get like the highest half of the stuff from raids and highest other half of the stuff from shards. Or some type of infusing thing where combined raid/shard armor will be the best.

I find it so unsatisfying that ppl walk around with the highest gear while almost never touching shards.

Lastly I hope there might be a way for shards to be increased even more then capping to T10 in the future.


I’m sure we will at least do some small changes, I just don’t know if it will be a totally different full-blown style of gear.

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I mean, I’m open to seeing how it goes on the first content tier. Right now I think Hard Raid is going to be more difficult than Shard 10, but I could be wrong and if that’s the case we will make some adjustments for Tier 2.

The difference between 30+4 and 30+5 gear is not as extreme as it might seem, and since the Hard Raid is going to be the toughest content we felt it should have the max reward.

I think it would be pretty difficult to properly gear up for Hard Raid without doing the Shards this time around, but again we will see how it goes.

At the end of the blog post I mention that yes, in Tier 2 (Content Patch One) we will be further increasing the shard scaling to go even higher.


Oh also worth noting, we will be making some changes to how Raid loot works this time around, in that each boss will drop a specific slot of gear. So it will no longer be possible to just farm the first boss in the Raid and get a full set of Raid gear. I think that’s where a lot of the “Raids give easier loot” stuff came from in the current game, because the later bosses in the Hard and Expert Raids were very difficult.


I am aware of having a 30+4 and 30+5 will probably not make a big difference but it is not about making the difference, it is about ppl only wanting the best and everything else is a waste of time for them. If I remember correctly more then half the ppl stopped doing shards because hard raid came out and it was basically a waste of time to do shards. Even if it doesn’t make a big difference. In the current game the raid gear vs shard gear also doesn’t make a big difference. No-one cared though. I really think we should motivate ppl to do at-least a decent amount of both raids and shards to get the max gear in everything.

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A few questions:

  1. Are you going to have a beta test for the raids, so we can work out the bugs ahead of time?
  2. Will the specific class armor from raids have set bonuses?

Also even if raid will become harder then shards it will be a shame to lose a lot of ppl’s interest in doing shards for that “only max” mentality that I constantly see ppl act on.


I am planning to do some kind of Beta Test, yes. I don’t fully know what form that’s going to take yet (like just a certain weekend we do it a couple of weeks before they come out, or one boss at a time, or what) but we will be doing something.

The plan is to have the gear have some kind of affixes specific to its class, yes.


cool, so each piece of gear has a set affix for a class?

I meant like if you have 2 pieces of the armor you would get a set bonus of “fireball gets an extra 5% dmg.” If you have 4 pieces you would get a bonus of “frost targets receive take an extra 5% dmg.”


Will there be new affixes on weapons?


Just like there are specific cosmetic rewards in the Hard Mode Raid, there are going to be specific cosmetic rewards to upper-tier shards that are lower drop rate than gear to give people a reason to come back and keep doing them. Some people also enjoy the challenge of the leaderboards and the random nature of the mutations (so they’re more in it for the “glory” rather than the gear).

Other than that, if you’re only goal is to get the best gear in the game, you were going to stop playing the content either way once you got the item, it’s not like players with that motivation were going to stick around and do Shards for months on end anyway. They won’t stick around and repeat Raid content after they get their drop, either.

EDIT: Let me just add, I agree that in my ideal world both Shard content and Raid content is a key piece to having a healthy, vibrant end-game community in Reborn. Both have their place and they are two different types of content with different challenges. As I said in my original reply, if we see that people are just totally skipping over Shards entirely because of the 30+4 vs 30+5 thing and that’s the reason, we will re-evaluate for Tier 2 (and we have some additional Shard Dungeon mechanics planned for that as well already). But I really do think that the way it’s setup there is a very natural progression to start doing Shard Dungeons once you hit 30, and even if you are a Raider there is a strong incentive to do them to gear up for the Raid.


I don’t know exactly yet if it will be a “2 pieces = this bonus 4 pieces = this” or per item or what. Either is a possibility at this point.


Yes there will be at least a few new affixes and some existing ones are getting reworked.

Also that’s a good thing to note, that hasn’t been done yet so keep in mind if you come into the next Beta with weapons with an existing affix on them I will probably just have those turned off.

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