New Dev Blog: Spotlight on World PvP, Battlegrounds, and Public Events


We’ve got a new Dev Blog out today highlighting some of the new content that will make its appearance in the Beta test next week. Read on for more details:

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Battlegrounds. Sounds like might need to come back…


Will there be a feature to go into the battle grounds with a party in the beta?


It will definitely be in by launch, and I think there is a 75% chance it’s in for this beta. We have someone working on it now, just a question of if it gets done in time.


Very much a fan of the World PvP system stated in the spotlight, However with the Battlegrounds I think players gear should effect there stats within them. Taking in a new weapon, Trying out a possible new build or catering to a certain stat to see how well it would be preform would help keep interest in Battlegrounds.

With long-term tracking of a PvP rank hopefully they will be some nice rewards to go with it for people to aim for and not just number. Looking forward to trying this out!


Rewards for BGs?

Also are you removing the Bandit System in World PvP?




The battlegrounds look fun. A few questions:

What can you win in the battleground?

I agree with Chezil, I’m kind of bummed all the gear is standardized, have you considered adding a token system like WoW to buy PvP gear?

For the world PvP, is you have pvp enabled, do you get a higher drop rate from killing mobs?

Have you thought about once you change from toggle world PvP on you not only have to go to Highsteppe to turn it off but you have to wait a specific time to turn it on and turn it off? Otherwise you could hear someone is in an area, teleport there with a team kill that person pick up there stuff and go back to HS and turn PvP off so that person can’t attack you back. I think it should have to be left on for 24 hours.


Also how will the home teleport work in open world pvp, because people could use it how they used to and have pvp turned on for harvesting, but as soon as they see someone teleport back


That is a good thing to me. Having PVP on but still using your own wits to avoid being jumped sounds fair to me.


Just make the teleport home cast time longer I guess


That’s more of a bandaid to the problem than a fix, as it then makes pve more tedious without the pvp factor. Also I don’t think that using a 10 second teleport can be considered using your own wits to escape, its would be tough enough to be in the middle of a fight with someone and have to kill them in 10 seconds to keep them from escaping, let alone when they start using it as soon as u come into render distance
Regular teleport portals would also be a problem, as skilled mages can cast those faster than the home teleport would work, and since there will definitely be a teleport to HS they can use that to almost instantly escape and taking away any risk of turning pvp on.

Also on a different note, people without pvp turned on cannot heal or buff people who have it on, and they also can’t loot any bags that people killed in pvp drop, correct?


We want the Battlegrounds to be more about skill and less about gear, hence the decision to standardize all the stats in them.

There are Battleground-specific rewards that will be in the game, for example there is a whole transmog gear style that will be rewarded for achieving a certain rank. I think at this point the plan is also to give XP for doing the Battleground, probably with a large once-per-day bonus similar to how it will work for doing the Dungeon queue.

You cannot heal or help others who do not also have World PvP turned on, correct. You also cannot loot player bags if you do not have World PvP on.


Just some thoughts: I believe having a rewards system like WoW and most other MMO’s in battlegrounds adds for a lot of replayability. It’s nice to be rewarded with better equipment, eventually everyone will get the upgrades so the skill aspect still comes into play. It could be small upgrades. I think fully geared teams will always get beat by under geared teams if they aren’t working together. Also, having the ability to get equipment from battlegrounds helps people who only want to do PvP to get gear instead of having to do PvE content. I was thinking more for customizing your character with stats. I believe you said armor and weapons are going to have different bonuses like speed, extra dmg, etc. Having the ability to make small customization would be nice.

Also, will we be able to use talents in the battleground?


Could always turn things into a bloodbath and take some inspiration from World of Warcraft’s Vanilla Honor system for a PvP ranking system :wink:

Well it sucks to hear about static stats in Battlegrounds, Hopefully this isn’t the case for world PvP also?


Yes you can use talents in the battlegrounds, although I think in the current Beta you become Level 15 as opposed to Level 30 due to the Level 15 cap of the next beta test.

I liked that system in WoW actually when it was out. I could see us layering something like that on top of the Battleground rankings (so you got credit for those kills in World PvP and Battlegrounds).

The World PvP is currently planned to be unmatched (meaning it will not be scaled/standardized).


Very interested and excited now to see what Orbus team has in store! :heart:


How often will the rotating scheduled public events happen?


Only thing i’m worried about is players rushing to endgame and camping the lowbies. There should be some sort of contested areas or something. The world is small compared to WoW so i’m interested in how your team will handle this problem. I also believe just outright banning players camping your beginning area wouldn’t necessarily be a good idea.

I would also like to know what kind of new loot designs your team is looking to implement and what sort of dungeons will be available at launch. I ask because like me, many people will be rushing to max and hit gear cap as fast as possible.

Thanks team!