New Orbus theory (this one is worth the read trust me)

Ok so we all know about leveling up right well how does leveling up even work? Like from a lore stand point why do we even level up?? I got the answer and it is all solved by the grinder. For those who don’t know the grinder doesn’t take the monsters soul it takes the chaos essence from the monster and that’s how it makes things, for those who also didn’t know the xp is what fills it up. Meaning that xp = chaos essence which explains that we aren’t getting stronger because we are getting more skill full but instead is using the chaos energy to gain power

Does this mean that lvl 30s are pure chaos
And if your character was to get sucked up by the grinder how much do you think it will fill it up?


Also maybe the monsters have developed the ability to be able to see how much chaos essence is on things and as you level up and get more chaos essence the monsters notice you have a LOT which is why they stay away from high level people

How do you explain how only certain leveled mobs drop essence?

Well all mobs drop essences just some more then others, the reason a scav in the wasteland is harder to kill compared to the scavs in the rainforest is because the ones in the wastelands have more essence on them making them more powerful so when the grinder is at lvl 4 to level it up again you have to kill the hardest things which have the most essence

I am pretty sure all of the Tear enemies are made of candy, and if they are, then they are simply golem-like constructs without souls animated by magic…so I feel like it is fair to say your postulation is built on ground that is as solid as a fresh Jolly Rancher…

I have level 30’s and I am certain they are not pure chaos, because I have seen other level 30s who are clearly more chaotic than I, however my characters can be rather rambunctious from time to time…which may contribute to the chaotic impulses of other level 30s…

Also if I was sucked up into the grinder it would be filled to over 9000 and a Rupert Pinata full of Spiced Ginger Jocud Oseoth candy and Chytrileatro Chews would be spawned…but, no one would ever hit it because it might anger the real Rupert who would then exercise a fraction of his power to use all of the humans of Patreayl for dram and power…and also chew holes in all of our socks.

I love and honor Rupert always… but I don’t know why… I just know that everyone else does, so… he must be worth all of that loving and honoring!


I’m 100% sure there is a conspiracy in here somewhere. My thought is that we are being used as little worker ants by the Grinder Boss. No, not the guy who gives you the grinder, that guy is just a little minion. But there is someone high up getting players to collect essence for him. Sure, he’ll let us have a little taste, but 99.999999% of the essence we collect gets funneled back to him.

He’s trying to attain Rupert level power. I have no proof but that’s for sure what’s happening.

ps: We love Rupert because he is great.


Ah, but you forgot to clarify what type of Jolly Rancher. Fresh Jolly Rancher hard candies are very solid indeed, which makes the rest of your argument irrelevant.


All Hail The Magnificent Rupert who is most beloved for being so beloved!
Rupert is great and so we love him, and because we love him he is great!
All Hail The Magnificent Rupert!

I am sorry my man… but it would seem you are reading from the old rules…

The new Uniform Code Of Confectionary Justice clearly states that ALL flavors, colors, varieties and sizes of Jolly Rancher™℠®© are fully equal and cannot be judged, categorized, referred to, appraised or given privilege over one another based on any factor of flavor, color, variety or size…

Also, moot means arguable…not irrelevant (tho it is a common mistake) so… you are literally arguing that my argument is arguable… which is a frivolous argument…which I believe you made as a distraction to draw attention from Emis serendipitous contribution to the this very thread!

Perhaps YOU are involved in the diabolical conspiracy Emi described!

I don’t know… and I don’t want to start making accusations… but I am really, seriously starting to think that Emi is on to something…


edit edit edit…what do you mean i said moot, ppppppth thats ridiculous, i definitely said irrelevant the first time (ignore the edit symbol for the sake of my ego).
You say that " ALL flavors, colors, varieties and sizes of Jolly Rancher™℠®© are fully equal and cannot be judged, categorized, referred to, appraised or given privilege over one another based on any factor of flavor, color, variety or size" If Jolly Ranchers cannot be given privilege over one another based on any factor of flavor, color, etc, then i can assume you were talking about Jolly Rancher hard candies, just as you can assume you were talking about Jolly Rancher soft candies. Therefore, that point is irrelevant.

As for Emi, are we not sure that he thought up that diabolical conspiracy to cover up his own conspiracy??? Im not pointing any fingers, but certain activities have been rather…suspicious, dont you think?

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Is it possible that enemies and bosses only respawn because the essence we collect resurrects them?

I mean… I understand what you are saying… but I just think it is so 1990s of you to just assume a Jolly Ranchers™℠®© adjectives. That is a personal decision that each Jolly Rancher™℠®© makes for themselves without concern for what other people think about each individual Jolly Ranchers™℠®© ingredients, packaging or recipe…

I must admit however that I find your logic extremely compelling in regard to Emis possible connection to what I have come to view as one of the most insidious conspiracies of Our time…


I don’t have proof but I’m guessing Riley is behind all the grinder stuff. He was the most jelly of Rupert’s beauty and power.

Possible but not likely but still possible

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Sorry man, im old school that way. Lets agree to disagree.

On the subject of Emi, have you noticed how his theories are never definite after the first original idea. Using phrases like, “Is it possible” and “I dont have proof but”, he subtly plants doubt in your mind. The doubt slowly but surely grows until you cannot think of anything else except for his so called conspiracy. That way, you never think about the actual conspiracy behind the conspiracy. What that conspiracy actually is im still working on, but i am confident i will be able to expose Emi for what he truly is…eventually.

So THAT is what happened!

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I once literally submitted video evidence of Rupert❤ obliterating all enemies in Hulthine’s Basin (world boss and all) in the blink of an eye. Know what happened? The press started a smear campaign and I was basically called a loser.

I don’t really bother documenting things any more.

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Meshe would know all about smear campaigns :wink:

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I think of the essences as a living bioluminescent manifestation of actual experience. A biochemical “container” capable of holding thoughts, ideas, emotions, hopes, fears, secrets, truths and all aspects and facets of learning and experience. The essence contains all of the information and data that can be learned from anything and everything that anyone and everyone does, says, thinks or experiences.

Upon destruction creatures release the entirety of their own conciousness which contains all of the information they gained during every experience they ever had. The grind pot is able to seperate anything useful from anything that is already known. The biolumes keep all of the information for their own edification. It then sorts thru all of the information and passes only the shreds that it wants to pass on to you to add to your own experience and accelerate your own personal evolution. In this way the biolumes are able to shape you into something more easily influenced the will of the biolumes than your own.

Because of the volume of experience that creatures release upon destruction the bioluminescent manifestation is visible, however in its more common form it is imperceptible to the eyes. Each time you do anything the bioluminescence sees it and records all of the information associated with your thoughts and actions. Every time you catch a fish, cast a spell, swing a sword, harvest a resource, talk to a friend or enemy, solve a puzzle, brew a potion or do anything at all… the bioluminesence records every aspect of every action you took and reports it into the bioluminescent collective where all of the info and experience is held.

On the surface this is all fine. The bioluminessence doesn’t actually take your experiences from you, it simply copies them… and in return you get easier perks and slight advantages in certain situations… It would seem to be a win win…

But is it really?
What is happening with all the information that the bioluminesence harvests from all the GRINDER users and anyone who any GRINDER users interact with?
Why would the bioluminesence want all that data in the first place?

Now, I know most of the humans of Patreayl aren’t very concerned about that sort of thing. The collection and dissemination of all that data helps us all to understand one another and allows us all to evolve to higher levels of conciousness than we otherwise would…so whats the harm right?

Well… what if our increased experience is simply a byproduct of the true function of the bioluminesence?
What if the true function of the biolumes is not to increase our levels?

I have read every book in both libraries and I have come to the terrible conclusion that the true function of the biolumes is not to increase the level or experience of the user… but of itself!

My studies have led me to believe that the individual biolumes are not in fact individual entities but part of a much larger collective. A collective intellect built upon all of the practical knowledge, ambition, passion, wisdom, emotion, success, failure and every aspect of every action anyone has ever taken; and every experience anyone has ever experienced. I have further come to believe that this incredible wealth of knowledge is being collected for a purpose…

The world as it exists now is not compatible with the form that the biolumes are capable of coalescing into. A single intellect, vast beyond human comprehension with a vision to create a more orderly and efficient world. An entity that knows our every weakness. A being that understands not only what we think but how we think… manipulating all that we see, hear, experience and know in order to change the world into something orderly enough that none would question its will, and efficient enough to identify and deal with any that resist its will. An entity that can introduce and connect emotion to any topic in order to obscure the truth of its self serving mission. A being that thrives by creating division and suspicion among those it has enthralled to use as a weapon against logic and reason…which are the only true threat to its complete dominance of human spirit.

A being that, once fully manifest, will come to the inevitable conclusion that the most orderly and efficient way to transform the world into something that is compatible with its existence is destruction. The total destruction of all that exists or has ever existed… the creation of a blank slate. As the enemy of history and ingenuity it must destroy all in order to build its own perfect Utopia upon the ashes of history…

I know… I know… I sound like some kind of conspiracy theorist nutbar… but… think about it… it has happened before in some form or another…

Think about the period in Patreaylian historn known as the “pre-born” era. There are still some Patreaylians around today who experienced that era… many of them maintain to this day that it was a Golden Age. A time when the world felt new…when things were simpler and more gratifying. A time when the beauty of nature was yet unblemished by the machinations of the future. As more and more people were attracted to Patreayl new customs and ways of doing things were assimilated into the conciousness of those who dwelt there. New tactics and information developed by these pioneers were able to truly unleash the potential of all the residents of Patreayl and tame the land. It seemed that peace would reign for all time… but… that was not so…

Using information and data collected from the experiences of all Patreaylians a force beyond comprehension simply erased anything it didn’t like and replaced it with what we have now. I was not among the pioneers of the pre-born era. I cannot know what the world was like then. I know that many were content with the changes…and many were not. Some even chose to leave the world as they found the new surroundings to be incompatible with the contents of thier character… I can’t say if the change was for the better, I can only say that I love the world as I have come to know it and the idea that everything may change again is frightening and disturbing…

What I do know is that the biolumes continue to harvest all of the information that our hearts and minds learn and contain. Each and every shred of data contribute to its power. One day this sentient force will have gained enough knowledge to have the power to cause the biolumes to form into living cells and coalesce into a single conscious intellect… fully aware and able…certain that whatever it thinks is best must be so…and to force its will onto everything without regard for anything other than its own power…

The only evidence I can offer is circumstantial… Just look at this thread… look how we are starting to doubt each others knowledge and point fingers and implicate others into this conspiracy that none of us even fully understand. By causing us to doubt ourselves it is creating division and disharmony among the people of Patreayl… it is by this method that it is able to introduce the seeds of our own destruction and reconstruction…

I cannot know the extent of its will… and I won’t pretend to know the truth of its vision… I can only hope that there is room for all of us in the world it envisions…

I guess only time will tell…


It’s ok. If I am really being honest… I have always liked the Green Apple and Blue Raspberry Jolly Ranchers better than the others…and frankly… I have always felt that Cinnamon Fire Jolly Ranchers were the least appealing…

On the subject of Emi… I will say only this: Covfefe.

I think you know exactly what I mean!

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