New Patch: 2.11

There’s a new patch that we just released on both the client and server. Just re-start your Launcher to get it. This patch is rather small but it has a couple of things we wanted to get out the door first thing this morning:

  • Fixes a lot of different issues related to the networking layer, that would have affected all aspects of gameplay, including spell VFX getting stuck, enemies not dying properly, spells jerking around, etc. Frankly, if you’ve seen a regression over the weekend it was likely due to this bug. Please let me know if you’re still encountering those issues after this patch.

  • Fixed a possible exploit where you could “save” your previous teleport position and then slide away and still teleport back to that position even though it was out of range.

Here is a direct download of the latest patch if your Launcher download is slow:

In addition to this new patch, we are introducing new Feedback and Suggestions Gudelines for the forums, which you can read about here:

Basically, we previously used one giant “mega-thread” for feedback on the whole test. As the server is now open 24/7 and we’re seeing a large influx of new folks, this way of doing things isn’t working super well anymore. Instead, now please feel free to make a new topic for each major bug that you find, each new suggestion, etc. You can still feel free to reply directly this post with small bits of feedback specific to the new patch that just went out (e.g. “Yes this fixed my issue”, “Hey I think it just broke this!”, etc.).

Our goal with this change is to make it easier for new members to search through existing topics and find discussions related to their questions/concerns, as well as prepare us better going forward to track long-standing bugs and suggestions. More details are available in the Guidelines post.



Server is now open 24/7? What about the week that you were going to close down again before EA?

Yeah that is still happening. I just mean, we don’t only have 48-hour testing periods now. I didn’t say 24/7/365 :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the clarification Riley :slight_smile:

Hi Riley_D I can’t continue my storyline for 2 tests now, I have the airship ticket but I don’t have the guardian cape anymore my ingame name is Fuzz, the last time I played was just before the patch that added in locomotion in combat, I crashed on the airship because I didn’t have the cape, logged in today for the first time since that and was hovering in the air, self killed myself and respawned at graveyard and still can’t continue due to missing item, can you help? also I can’t seem to unequip my sword to equip a new one I found.

@Fuzz Can you let me know when you’re logged out? I can put it in your inventory then for you.

I am logged out but I think Robert may have already done it, I was about to check.

K should be good @Fuzz you should now be able to go see Bishop Roma at University Island

Thank you very much, I will check in a little while

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