New player question: any classes in demand?


Hi! I’m getting a Rift S on the 21st and plan on jumping into this game shortly thereafter. Are there any current class shortages in PvE? I can’t quite decide what I’m going to play and if there are any classes that are obviously under-represented knowing would help me a lot. I know, “play what you enjoy”, but I’d still appreciate knowing the state of things (and I can’t find any recent answer to my question if it’s on this forum).


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Well I see a good balance of Dps and Healers, Good tanks are always needed by groups running end game content.


Part of the problem is there isn’t really a good answer - the game’s only been out a couple weeks. These breakdowns are based on original Orbus with only four classes and a cap of lvl 20:

This basically shows warriors are the least likely to get to 20 and runemage is the most common for people to get to 20.

In general, I’ve found that when I queue as DPS AND as a healer, I get pulled into a dungeon as healer eight out of ten times (implying that more people are queuing for dungeons as DPS than healer).

Basically, most parties can’t get very far without at least one healer and one tank (though there are exceptions!).


Understood regarding the game (as Reborn) only being out a couple weeks. I would usually assume that the highest need would be for tanks, then healers, then dps, but I’ve had that expectation upended a couple times and don’t like to assume (and I understand that numbers change).

Thanks to both of you for the info!


I tend to see a lot of Paladins, Scoundrels, Runemages. I don’t tend to see very many of the other classes though. I think I’ve only met like one bard too.


Healers and Tanks are always going to be in greater demand than DPS. If you want to get into a dungeon quickly while queueing you should be tank/heals as dps queue can take over 10 minutes most of the time. A plus side in orbus that you can switch classes by switch weapons and it’s rathrer easy to level up classes so you can run multiple classes through the dungeons


paladins are super in demand atm. so are healers, and then for dps, scoundrels

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So like FF 14 for classes, then. I understood that classes after the first required a fair amount of grinding as most experience came from the main story questline; is that no longer the case? I’d ask if there are classes essential for raid buffs and the like, but I see that the first raid isn’t quite out yet so maybe I’m thinking about this harder than I should.


The game doesn’t rely on doing story/lore missions to level up anymore, instead there are daily/weekly missions you can get from certain npcs that’ll give you plenty of exp. they split them into types of missions like monster hunting / public events / scavenging and things like that. I haven’t done a raid since i stopped playing late orbus and restarted in reborn so i don’t have much info on that.

Also (unless this was changed) you’ll get bonus exp when you get a character to level 20 so that makes leveling up secondary characters easier.


Shaman’s are non existent and actually need more people playing them to give feedback to the dev team on how they can balance the class… Shaman is most definitely the least leveled class right now.

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As others said, good tanks are needed BUT that class is also hard to learn imo. You need to practice group content, holding aggro on bosses etc. more than others who can learn their skills outside by killing mobs or standing in front of a dummy.

Also there is only 1 spot for a tank and 1 for a healer in a group, and 3 spots for damage classes. So naturally we advise to have at least one dmg class no matter what you play, to be flexible in case the tank and healer spots are filled.


Yeps. Healer and tanks are needed but they are more high pressure roles than dps also. You can mess up as a dps and everyone can recover. If you mess up as a tank your party will prob die, same with healer. Also only need one of each.
It’s good to have a support class and a dps class.

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decent tanks are always needed.
there is the occasional healer shortage too.


I think a good shaman player could be crazy powerful. I’m hoping to see more pop up soon so we can truly compare. I think the lack of mobility is a big turn off for people. Personally I couldn’t aim the orbs worth spit :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been having terrible luck getting gear for my shaman but I’m excited to see what they can do fully geared


I just started one today (well, it’s almost 20; sadly it’s much easier leveling everything with main classes now…) but also running with a shaman guild member since a while. The result is incredible dmg on trash, but on some bosses there’s a real problem with the inability to move and/or low distance needed.


Shaman: 19
Bard: 20
Paladin: 36
Warrior: 48
Scoundrel: 49
Ranger: 53
Musketeer: 77
Runemage: 87

These are the stats for level 30 classes currently in the Armory database. Haven’t gotten around to making the achievements yet, but there is the raw numbers. Of course, this is skewed because most new people probably aren’t looked up, and thus not stored in the system but gives at least some overview of what classes are being leveled up to 30


Really muskies that high? :thinking: :open_mouth: (Interesting that so many active armory players lvled their musky to 30)

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Thx @aRkker that is very intresting… @Scott Everyone should have a musky always had due to my impression… :sweat_smile: Seriously it was the most chill-class in OG, so likely most had it on 20 already.

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Yeah but the only thing I heard about musky in Reborn was, it is shit, you take 100 years to kill things now, and you don’t feel like a healer anymore because all heals ‘look’ weak. I would expect ppl to either quit or play another class. Apparently the class is in a better state in Reborn then I thought :grimacing:

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