New raid release date?

when will the new raid be released, will it be after launch and if so by how long or will it be same day?

6 months, they said earlier

Edit: whoops. 6 weeks, I guess

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ok that sucks, but it should be fun, I guess that will give us time to gear up

pretty sure it was 6 weeks

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I don’t think we’re going to announce an exact date right now because it will depend largely on how smoothly launch goes. In our most recent blog post on the topic we said approximately 6 weeks, and I think that’s hopefully about right. It might end up being say 8 or something if there are unforeseen issues, but it definitely won’t be 6 months unless things go really, really out of whack :slight_smile:

We are already working on the boss and environment modeling behind the scenes and all that so it’s well underway.


ohh nice, will there be more concept art released of it closer to its release? those ones before looked grate

heres some old concept art for it

you found treasure castle?

Hahah glad we cleared that up! I totally misremembered, I guess. :blush:

its been about a month since this conversation was talked about. since we are about a month into launch, can we get a slightly more accurate release date?

Just a quick note that we posted a roadmap just now that details some of this. New Dev Blog: Launch Retrospective and What's Next