New support spells for the Runemage

Us Rune mages usually only have the shield spell and cure negative status effects for support, but healing spells would be great to have. From long range, we can heal ourselves or allies. Maybe we can have a singular healing spell or AOE healing spell, like the ranger. Maybe we can also have an AOE version of the support spells we already have. It would be preferable if the new spells were not ritual types. What are some opinions for other support spells not mentioned in this comment, or ways to flesh out the new spells proposed here?

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from what i under sand the rune mage is made to be a dps/support class and not a healer there was talk of a cleric class what would be like what you describe but as of right now there is no plans to add it


I think it’s nice to have a role based class system and not classes that can do everything.


The only support thing if like to add to mage is a level 3 aoe shield spell.

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if rune mage becomes a healer as well musketeer becomes redundant. why would someone choose musketeer and be limited to 4 active orbs when they could play as rune mage. deal higher dps, heal and support with no active equipment limits? just a wand and a squishy human brains ability to remember pictures.


Thanks for the criticism Scott. Maybe we can have rune mage healing spells do less than musketeer healing abilities. That way Musketeers can be more of the healers, and rune mages can have a heal spell as the party’s last resort.

i couldn’t provide much more feedback than i currently have. but I doubt anyone’s getting musketeer’s to join a party to be dps or tank. which leaves buff debuff and heal. mage does double duty of support and dps.

whats the limiting factor to mage casting? i’m aware you have to accurately draw the runes which carries an unquantifiable margin of error. but if you’re good at that is there a stamina drain or something limiting the recast? musket orbs have a cooldown and a hard limit on how many are active. the number of spells is not limited to anything more than the players memory.

a musketeer can only use 4 orbs and has to choose the orbs based on how they want to play their role. a mage with a good memory could play all 3 roles apart from tank. but if their recast isn’t limited sufficiently they could even play tank with fast enough strategy on heals and shields.

I was going to ask for a healing spell for Runemage. Remember, the runes are far more difficult to cast than a shot from the musket so people could choose the easy or hard way. BTW I’ve never really played an MMORPG before so all these people with vast amounts of experience will have to excuse me if I upset them.

I disagree with this request too. Homogenizing classes is what ruined wow for so many people (myself included), so I’d like classes to have clear strengths. Also as a musketeer main I agree with what scott said. Why would anyone pick me over a competent runemage if mages could heal? Yes musketeer heal is easier to do since you only need to load the orb and aim it, but it also has a cooldown. As musketeer is also limited to 4 skills as scott said. Runemage has none of those limitations, so competent mages would make musketeer a dead class.

Let the only support class have it’s thing. I understand most people want to play dps all the time, but some of us enjoy support very much and we don’t want dps classes to make us irrelevant.

@Ray_D and @Zanfire
I don’t think that mages should get healing spells in their current state. As Zan said that would make them irrelevant.

That said… I’m not going to repost, but I made a very detailed post that solves this problem. I’d reiterate here but it’s too long to be reposting everywhere. Direct link to post:

The idea that mages can’t have healing spells works in normal RPGs very well. But in this game what if I want to be a wizard that heals? If I really want to just heal then I’m misdoings out on half the fun of this game, the classes. Why can’t there be a support and DPS wizard? A DPS and support archerer? Etc. I explain what I mean in the link above.

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Bacon, I actually think you guys have very fair points in that other thread. If support mage was a thing (actual support mage, not current mage with more support and healing skills) I’d most probably switch to that, because I like magic and I like the idea of runemage but I don’t enjoy dpsing. I also don’t dig firearms too much in fantasy games, but I love supporting so I play musketeer. So I’d be totally fine with subclasses that have a different focus.

What I don’t want is for every class to do everything. I don’t want mage in it’s current state to get support as it’d displace musketeer.

But the idea of a pure support mage (maybe cleric would be that in the future?) is exciting to me.


It wouldn’t undermine the musketeer if it’s balanced right. People would just choose whichever one seems more like what they like. I’m not expecting a tank archerer for example, so they wouldn’t get every class type. But the more options the better, wouldn’t you agree?

I literally agreed with you on my previous post, but perhaps I didn’t express myself clear enough :P. I like the idea of subclasses with different roles. I’m only opposed to a runemage doing everything at the same time, in one class (so being able to do current levels of dps and heal as a musketeer). Dps mage as one subclass and support/healer mage as another subclass would be great.

Coming from a none MMORPG background, the 2 types of mage I would like to play are healer and battlemage (As in Elder scrolls all armoured up and badass).
I wouldn’t want to spoil the game but from movies books etc isn’t it always the magician who does the healing?
Hey. I don’t mind being a warrior Mage, would just like the option to contribute to the team.
Magic. I just read your article and agree that if you want to specialise (Say as a healer) it should be a different grind. You shouldn’t have the ability to switch weapons and suddenly become proficient in that as well.
In summary. Grind for healer of grind for attack.

My 2 cents. I think if the shield was a tad more effective, then that would be sufficient.

The weapon idea wasn’t mine. I was responding to the thread.

I like that you called my post an article :smiley:

@Ray_D and @Zanfire I’ve moved my post to it’s own thread so we can discuss there.
MagicBacon’s Idea for a Better Class System

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