No quest from Bishop Roma

The bishop never had any dialogue for me, so I’m unable to start what I understand is the main quest line. I did see him on the balcony when I first started, and have checked several times since.

In order to begin the main quest-line, you have to go to chef lethrow and do his “demanding chef 1 & 2” quests to be able to talk with bishop Roma.

Oh, in that case the chef never gave me a second quest. I think I remember an occasion where I turned in a quest and got two notifications of completed quests, so maybe it was then, and it autocompleted the second quest in a way that didn’t trigger the next step. I also checked the chef and there’s for sure no available quest from him.

Maybe the same thing as this guy Closed Beta Two Feedback Thread

I had a piece of king stag meat in a chest. Once I deleted that, the chef had a second quest for me.

Thanks for the help, knowing what quest I was missing led me to the answer.

That isn’t exactly the problem. The issue is that sometimes a bug makes it so quest givers icons disappear until you wave at someone.

For example, for a bunch of people, after the first chef quest, the ! icon does not appear indicating a follow up quest.

Anyways there are all sorts of problems that could have tirggered this issue.

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We are looking into what causes the icons to not appear correctly.

Disagree, fixing it did not involve waving at someone. I waved at lots of someones to no effect. The icon appeared when I deleted the extra quest item.

Also, I think it was the same whether the King Stag Meat was in a chest or with me. I didn’t put it in the chest until well after I finished the first chef quest (and didn’t get a second).

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