Noob friendly Fellowships?

Hail! I just purchased a Quest a few days ago, my first step into VR, and picked up Orbus. Long time MMO player starting with Asheron’s Call in 2000, playing until it shut down (and still mess around on the emulators a little now. Best game of all time!) A little EQ, some WoW during BC, LK days. Current MMO of choice has been ESO the past couple years on Xbox. I like that this game doesn’t seem to hold your hand as much like the older AC or EQ, so it’s been a fun experience so far feeling like a lost noob again.

I’m looking for a more laid back group of adults who are helpful to newcomers. I’m not looking for handouts, just a good group of people that don’t have problems answering dumb questions or offering a helping hand if needed. I’m 33, work during the day. I’ll be playing nights and weekends, EST zone.

Started with Scoundrel and it was OK, but I picked up a wand and got Runemage to 6 last night and I think that’s where I’m going to focus for a bit. Loving the fact that spells take actual practice and skill to cast. I can whip Fireball 2’s out rapidly but everything else is a work in progress.

I’m Aerbax in game, hit me up if you have a fellowship I could call home, or you’re a noobie and just looking for someone to fail and learn with as well!

Once your level 30 carnage is always wanting new members

What about pre-30, though? Or do most fellowships require you to max out at least one class before they will let you join? My point in posting this was to hopefully find a good group of people now, so I have people to talk to while I’m figuring the game out and not being completely lost on my own.

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A lot of fellowships require you to be level 30 on at least one class.

Good to know. Like I said, I’m really enjoying being completely lost in a game again so if I have to figure it out on my own for a bit I’m down for that. Always like having a group to socialize with, though :slight_smile:

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Karma and Elven Archers are usually the guilds I recommend for pre level 30

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Zino would be happy to have you. We are an active Guild looking to develop players/members. :blush:

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Would also recommend Karma or Elven Archers for pre-30 fellowships :+1:

Elven Archers, Monday Knights, and Kosher Cowboys don’t have level requirements that I know of, and they’re all very friendly!

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When selecting a guild think about why someone who is from one guild recommending a guild other than their own. Generally, the answer lies in the fact that they’re not willing to take the time out to show newer members the rudiments of the game and other factors which take patience and commitment.

I was very fortunate when I first joined the game as I had members who couldn’t care less how old I was or what my experience level was. Those people showed me the true meaning of fellowship and conviviality which Orbusvr offers to anyone.

No…I’m recommending other guilds because the guild I’m in is focused on players who are already end game and want to run end game stuff. We still help other players, even those who aren’t leveled. We’ll dungeon queue and teach newer players the ins and outs because we want the community to grow. We just don’t usually take people until they’re ready to run raids and high tier shards.

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Not true at all. Most players here that suggested guilds other then their own, is because their guild only takes players that are end game ready. Like my own. Hence why I suggest other new player friendly guilds.


yea, so everyone talking here but you and 1 other person, solid advice if u ask me

I am only speaking of my own experience and willingness to help out the new guy. I didn’t mention you folks I don’t particularly care what you do or don’t do.

I’m as interested as anyone in the higher, more advanced levels of the game, but I realize the need for new players and in my particular case desire to have fellowship in my guild.

It is for these reasons that I am willing to help out the new person and cultivate positive “in game” relationships.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll keep my eyes out in game for members. Any sort of interface in game to search Fellowships and apply to them or just have to find someone and get invited?

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There is no way to search for a fellowship. The easiest ways are to join the fellowship discord of the group you would like to join, and see if there is a way to apply there, or keep your eyes out for members of that fellowship and ask them in person.

Talk to people in game …usually in Highsteppe. Most are nice and welcoming and are willing to help out.

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Ya but you can’t ever talk to anyone bc they all go into private chats so that you can’t get to know new people. I spend most of my time helping new players myself or just finishing leveling every class to 30. This game has filled with clicks that play together all the time and it never gives a chance for new players to ever gain ground. Its really sad.

Let’s keep this thread on track. I don’t want to have to step in and lock this one too like the PvP one due to a derail. Thank you.

@Aerbax Welcome! You can also take a look at the unofficial community discord’s fellowship recruitment channel, there are quite a few fellowships recruiting there.


I know I’m new here but raging on the forums about being PKed probably doesn’t help ingratiate yourself with other players. Just sayin’ :man_shrugging:

I wanted to ask in that thread before it got closed, are there any limits to PvP here? If a lvl 6 is red can they be killed by a lvl 30 and still drop everything? Any limits on that? I’m coming from the Darktide server in AC, always red, loot drops, so that sort of stuff only makes me want to play more. I just want to know if there’s any point in going red at such a low level. I’ll avoid the ganks while I’m still learning the game but the +XP bonus makes me want to enable PvP already lol

@Mathieu_D Thank you! Jumping into that discord now.