Obtainable Spiro, Techno, and Ancient Armor?

In the Q3-Q4 roadmap in 2019, it was said that the devs were working on re adding the Ancient, Techno, and Spiro as obtainable armor and weapons in reborn. So far the only set that has been released is the Spiro armor set from unsharded mines and temple. Are there still plans to make the Spiro weapon, and the Ancient and Techno sets obtainable in reborn? A lot of people would like to get this armor but there’s just no way to get it right now, and if the armor is released like how the Spiro set was (with the reborn swirl pattern design) I think most people would be happy with this change. If the Ancient set in particular comes from challenging content, that would also be nice. Maybe as a rare drop alongside the citadel hardmode gear or as a rare drop from t20 shards if they come out? If it is still hard to get, I don’t think most old game players would be mad even if we got the original version.

tl;dr - are the devs still going to make the spiro weapon, and the techno and ancient sets obtainable in reborn?

^link for those that haven’t read


Yes release old game gear

I just really want techno mage gear. I want fins on the side of my head cause I wanna be aerodynamic :sob::sob::sob:.

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