Oculus cable twist/ oculus rig toggle

So I have an Oculus Rift but prefer buying games on Steam. I have my cable mounted on my ceiling above my play space and prefer head look movement with the X-axis on the thumb-stick set to strafe. In other games I started using Turnsignal (https://store.steampowered.com/app/689580/TurnSignal/) to help me not twist my cable too much and find the center of my play space but this isn’t an option while running through the OculusSDK it seems.

So I started playing OrbusVR and gave the cable some undesirable twists (nothing severe). I did some searching and found the -vrmode openvr launch option that allows me to use turnsignal (Cannot access SteamVr menu when using Oculus Rift) I’m alright with the tradeoffs for doing this for the most part as I’d rather not ruin my cable for the ability to give thumbs-ups, but the controller angle thing is annoying.

So my suggestion is one of the following:
-Settings to adjust manually the angles for the controllers (should help support other and even unreleased controllers.)
-Setting to make the SteamVR version use the angles for the Oculus controllers. (like the first suggestion but not customizable.)
-Build in optional turn tracking like TurnSignal does so my cable with be safe even while using the Oculus SDK.

There may be other options I haven’t thought of. Are there overlays like TurnSignal that work with the Oculus SDK? Fun game so far! :slight_smile:

Try a fan! My kids use the pulleys set up when they use my rift and that’s how I keep them from getting tangled. You can feel the wind from the fan and that tells you what way is front.

When you toggle -openvr steam, maybe Orbus, thinks you are using a vive controller. You can adjust these angles and import them etc into steamVR, except steamVR is a little dumb and doesn’t let you import profiles from across different games, maybe devices (or I never found out how). There are steamvr profiles out there with the proper oculus skeleton, buttons, etc. Theoretically if you could import these to steamVR for Orbus then everything should be correct. You could also do it manually but that might take forever. I tried editing the config file and then making it read only, but steamvr made a copy-file with the default settings each time I did that…

In the heat of combat I sometimes do a 360 when the mob starts dancing around. Fans would help me know direction but I’d have to mentally remember which way I turned and how much.

This sounds promising if I can figure out how to do it!

Lol no promises on it working, but that is what I found when trying to get OVRDrop to work, etc. Good luck if you try.