Open Alpha Feedback Thread

This is where you can leave us your feedback and ask questions while the Open Alpha is ongoing. Thanks!

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We’re about one hour out from the test, hope you are all excited! There will be about a 300MB patch to download here in a sec to optimize a few things, then we’re all set. See you in-game soon.

EDIT: The patch is now available. Restart your launcher to get it.

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I can’t log in :frowning: says server offline. i’m in the uk

You’re just a few minutes early :slight_smile:

i’m using version 0.81 - i am? oh wow look at that for timing i’ve been craving this all day since i found out :smiley: <3

It says the server is online for me

Server is online now. If it still shows offline, please restart your launcher.

The server is now online! Enjoy!

We’re experiencing a bit of an issue spinning up new instances. Working on it now.

Servers are down for a cpl min while we put in some more code, please be patient with us thanks.

seems promising so far :slight_smile: any plans to remove the delay with artificial locomotion inputs? <3

Things should be back up now.

In the game but nothing is loading and spells wont cast any further than right in front of me

Just FYI: If you’ve been experiencing crashes in Highsteppe (e.g. “GC Heap Errors”), try swtiching to the Medium or Low Graphics setting in the Settings menu at the bottom.

Try using the “Return to Graveyard” option in the settings menu. It’s possible you got stuck in the wrong zone.

Comp Specs:
Win 10 64 bit
1080ti 384.94 drivers
i7 7700k @ 4.2GHz
Game is installed on an M.2 drive with over 100GBs of space still available.
Playing on Oculus Rift w/ Touch Controllers, 3 camera room scale setup.
Just finish playing Lone Echo as an example, zero tracking problems.
Playing on high settings in game

Wasn’t apart of any of the earlier tests, so no idea if these are new issues or old.
-My real world cameras kept popping up when trying to use teleport. Frames would also hitch.
-When locomotion started to actually move me, frames would still occasionally hitch, but not as consistent as when using teleportation.
-Pulling up your menu (trigger swipe down, or B button on touch controller) is way too finicky. Just trying to read quests and accepting them or going to the next speech bubble, the menu would pop up constantly. I get that it’s cool to have a finger swipe down motion like SAO, but it’s battling other systems in your game at the moment.
-Switching on locomotion/teleportation mode, the delay on locomotion is frustrating. Hard to tell if you’re in combat without knowing or just waiting for it to decide you can move forward, or if you’re stuck(thus requiring locomotion).
-Too many people in the intro area (congrats by the way :slight_smile: ), but with not enough things to kill to level up, therefore very frustrating tutorial, newbie area.
-Tried going down the ramp to just look for the Stead, at level 1. Boy was that not smart, everything practically instant killed me. Even though the rats looked like the exact same rats up the hill. I know you have a marker showing you that they are harder (Red pointing up), but still. Maybe ease up on the “intro area” so people don’t have to be apart of the 10-15 person train circling the sunflower area for the next spawned rat. Although it was fun to watch for a bit :stuck_out_tongue:
-Only played Ranger/Warrior/Gun guy(forgot the name). Ranger was what I was looking forward to playing the most, but the placement of the bow on Oculus touch controllers is off(Sword on Warrior also feels off, it should feel like you’re holding the grip of a sword with the blade going up, not out). The arc of your arrow is lacking when fired. And the overall effectiveness of archer compared to the gun class is laughable. I’m not even talking about the skills each class gets (which I’m sure is still being balanced and adjusted). I’m talking about firing each weapon. As a gunner I can shoot from standing really far away in what seems like a straight line, making it really easy to adjust your trajectory and get several shots off before anything even gets close to you. As the archer you have to guess each time how far your arrow is going to go and really lacks the power of firing a real bow and arrow. If the learning curve for an archer is going to be more complicated than a gunner, there needs to be a good reason to battle with trying to figure out where your arrows are going to go each shot, example, more damage. I know you can charge up your arrow, but why? When you could have fired off 3-4 shots with a gun(with skills attached to each one I might add), that all go in a straight line, when you don’t even know your arrow will hit, unless you really master using the bow.
I guess that’s my overall point, there’s no skill involved in using the what seems like the OP gun class and there is immediate real world skill required for using the bow, but it lacks the payoff of investing in learning the mechanics.
-Some NPCs don’t have names over them and some do. When it says return to (name) and they don’t have a name over there head, makes it a little hard to remember which quest went to which person. Plus having NPCs have yellow ! over their heads when they don’t have a quest to give you makes it even harder to track down where to go when gathering quests IMO.

About to jump back in, you guys are doing fun stuff. If people didn’t think the game was worth anything, they wouldn’t take the time to give feedback.

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Couple of issues…

First of all mid battle after losing… my mage wand and all mage armour turned red? - I cannot use it all… whats happening here?

Also still getting quite a few glitches in terms of steam home flickering on and off… and just now oculus home came up and wouldnt dissappear so I had to restart.

Ok forget the part about oculus home, silly me didnt realise batteries were flat.

Sounds like your gear is “damaged” if you look at the icon and bring up the tool tips for it the durability will be 0. There are Blacksmith Apprentices in every town, in Highsteppe she is next to your player house by the practice dummy. Just wave at her and she will fix it right up.