Orbus beta safari!

With the very first beta underway, I’m going to be giving away two of my infamous, coffee fueled hand drawn forum avatars.

The activity is as follows:

Anyone wanting a chance at an avatar can take screenshots of as many different flora and fauna in orbus as humanly possible, post the album to Imgur, and then post the link to the album in this thread. Massive bonus points if you add comments on the album describing your journey.

I’ll be picking the two albums that are the most photogenic, comprehensive, and well commented. Easy as that!

Good luck, and have fun!

Editaroo: Post all your silly, fun, non-feedback screenshots in this thread, because I genuinely love them

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A couple of tests ago I fought this mad powerful chicken in guild city. He killed me by disconnecting my client and then he ate me while @Logan stood there and watched.

Logan and I will try to get more funny pictures this test. :wink:


Kevin never goes down without a fight!


did you guys name the chicken kevin?? Does he still pop up from time to time? I have a deep distrust of chickens in real life thanks to an unfortunate egg-collecting incident as a child, so kevin the demon-chicken supersedes anything I’ve designed thus-far as most terrifying enemy

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Kevin has been in orbus history since chickens first started appearing in the world.

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His name is indeed Kevin and he lives in guild city. Logan has formed a cult…I mean fellowship around Kevin.

Sour makes an effort to seek out Kevin every time we visit Guild City just so he can take away one of Kevin’s infinite lives. I cry every time.


Logan and I took pictures in the desert but he passed out before sending them to me. I’ll try to wrangle them out of him tomorrow after I wake up from my coma.

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Logan and I a found stream in the desert. This is me taking a nice cool shower. :grin:

Much love to whomever made the stream intractable. Its the little details that make the world real.

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It isn’t a great album, but i want to share this…

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I was soo thirsty after grinding in the desert with logan!

And some pictures of me washing off all the sand, grime, and giant worm guts off of me.

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wooooow, sick armor dude, I wonder who designed that ;D. Is that new?


@Elijah_W What is the deadline of making the safari album on Imgur and sharing it?

Scratch my comment im just stupid. Its just not as easy. :slight_smile:

But in the comment you scratched you also said it wasn’t easy, lol?

I btw used a timer to time my screenshots. It is a pain in the … but it works.

In scratched comment. i said using native oculus. I didn’t think we could do it. “From what i see I’d have to use Steamvr or use PrtScrn which isnt easy while wearing a headset”

So steamvr doesn’t work because it isn’t a native steam game. I tried it :confused:

Did not know this. Thanks for the heads up.

Actually i can take screenshot with steamVR (with htc vive).

You can make an ingame screenshot by pressing the System button and Trigger button (both with the right hand) at the same time? Where does it save for you?