Orbus VR claims its first Victim

While trying to get a good cast, I feel myself punch something, then crash.


Fell off the desk, screen down, dead.

Time for a 4k and bolt it to the desk with a piece of lexan over it


I’d also recommend reconfiguring your chaperone/guardian system and leave at least 6 inches gap between it and any surface you want to avoid.

Good luck and I hope you don’t suffer any further losses during your vr travels!

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are you using front facing VR or room scale? I use room scale with the chaperone 3-4 inches from the wall and the desk is not included inside the chaperone bounds. I have only hit the wall twice.

Roomscale, and an xtra large space, have almost 25’ between basestations with no obstructions. Monitor was just at full arms reach. If I had just punched it, it would have probably lived, but the fall from the desk killed it.

Bummer, man. Last year, my wife’s cousin put a Vive controller and his fist through the front of my 65" 3D Smart TV while playing H3’s grenade skeeball. Since then, I have been VERY proactive about explaining the chaperone boundaries to new users at work and at home.

My chap limits are 8"-20" from all objects and still broke the drywall while shield bashing a fire lizard, and rapped my knuckles against a hardwood table while swinging the sword.

I modified my chap colors to stand out more and I may see if i can keep the play area markup ghosted in.

Alex (Mourtegoul)