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Hello Everyone! I am pleased to announce the pubic beta version of https://orbusmarket.com !

What is OrbusMarket?
OrbusMarket is a website that I have built to help improve the ease of trading with others who may or may not have a market stall. I plan on adding more features as time goes on such as price history graphs etc. That will help players make informed decisions about the economy, what prices to sell or buy at.

Why should you start using it?
By using OrbusMarket.com you help the economy overall, as no game data is able to be pulled into the website all item prices will be based off your inputs, and by contributing this data I will be able to create graphs and create price trends over timeframes. This not only helps you make decisions on what prices you want to set, but also acts as a easy to use centralized price hub. No more walking to every stall to see the average price of potions, just go to the website and see what they are listed at! Also all postings are sent to the trade channels in a growing number of discord servers so you can be notified when a new item is posted!

Current Status of the website?
I am still working on adding quite a lot more features, and improving the user experience however it is now live! If you run across any issues or suggestions how to improve something please message me!
Please give me feedback! It helps me improve the site to be as good as it can be!

Thanks for all that have helped so far!


Not sure if I can say “called it” or not, but I am going to anyways per the recent vendor dispute - called it!

Thanks for making this! :slight_smile:

Haha, I have had this in the works for months. It is not due to recent issues. :slight_smile:

Yea that is what I meant by my post haha. I figure it was something that didn’t appear overnight, but at the same time - I suggested that players would(eventually) just end up making their own trading website to circumvent the current stall set-up altogether. However, much earlier in the game’s progression than anticipated!


Yep! I am the leader of the only “Merchant” focused fellowship and was working on ideas for this since November :slight_smile:


Thisb really looks great!

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Thanks! Glad you like it so far!
Over this weekend expect more :slight_smile:

Yeeeesssssssss! More fansites!

Looks great, but there no listing for health potions or aged health potions?

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So list them :slight_smile: thats the whole point.

*Edit: Sorry, I just now noticed what you meant. I didn’t see that those items were missing most should be added now.

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  • You can now click a posters name to get relevant information!
  • Messages are no longer sent to discord servers if you don’t have it synced!
  • Some missing items have been added. *Please let me know if you notice any issues with items missing, improper spellings etc.
  • If you would like I can have my website send messages to your own discord server, message me for more info on this. We are currently sending messages to: Attoric’s Server, The Orbus official unofficial server, and The Community.

I also just want to say thank you to all 50+ users that have signed up in the past 24 hous! I am excited to see the economy changes with an increased competition and ease of use!

As always, let me know if you run across any issues or have feedback!


I see concentrated potions but there’s no standard healing potions or aged healing potions, I’m not sure if that’s by design or if they’re just missing

Those are added and can be found at the following links:

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I have moved the website to a faster host, hopefully everything went smoothly with no issues but if you notice something up please let me know :wink:

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