(Reborn) OrbusMarket.com - Trading website

Hey all! I am excited to announce that the OrbusMarket website is back! We originally released to beta back in march 2018, however with the API not being as strong as it is today we lost traction back then and the project was put on hold. But that all changes today! https://orbusmarket.com progress has been resumed and to kick it off we have the new market stall information available at https://orbusmarket.com/stalls

Please do note, this should be considered beta and bugs are likely to be found.

What is the OrbusMarket website?
It’s a mixed bag, currently today we have support for generic item listings on the website itself (Think craigslist/FB Marketplace), All market stall items and prices, and Auction listings coming very soon. All of this data being easily accessible from any browser allows yourself to make education market decisions and the ability to find people selling items for cheaper than someone else may be. This alone will help stabilize the current economy within the game providing a much better player experience.

Why should you start using it?
As stated a bit above, by using OrbusMarket.com you help the economy overall, providing security and trust in the prices people are asking for items by having data to back those price justifications. Also, by creating an account soon you will be able to claim which stall is yours and provide a brief summary/description on the stall listing page and be able to follow items/auctions to get price alerts and know when an auction is nearing the expiry date.

Also by linking your discord to your account, people will be able to easily find you to discuss details on the trade.

Other Features/Current status on things

  • Auction listings - currently a work in progress, main focus with the recent API release was to get market stall listings posted and redesign my framework to support the new ItemID’s.
  • New Trade discord notifications - Complete - Currently posting to the OrbusVR Discord and a few Partnered servers, if you wish to get these notifications please send me a message.
  • On-site messaging - Progress on this was paused, will be starting again soon.

If anyone has any additional feedback on the website I would love to hear it. I am doing this for the community, and if the community has any input I am more than glad to listen and implement if possible. Also, If you notice any bugs, or security issues please message me on discord - SaneGaming#2791

  1. You can’t view items being sold unless you are logged in. I’d recommend being able to see/search while logged out.

  2. Not sure I want to enter a username/password given the era we live in but I wouldn’t mind giving like a temporary discord token or something similar to how the armory works.


I can’t read the TOS or Privacy Policy without logging in, and I can’t know if I want to register until I read the TOS and Privacy policy. The pages look nice tho. I will keep my eye on the site :slight_smile:

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Great points, To address the second point first: I do fully recommend you use a unique password for the site to further ensure your own protection. I do have full password encryption done before saved to the user database per the latest security recommendations. Additionally, if everything is linked to 1 SSO provider (Discord in your example, or FB/Google) then an attacker would only need to get that password and you are SOL. But, If you would like to audit the security I am more than happy with sharing any details, and the previous 250+ user registrations have not had any issues.

I have the items behind a user login shield to help prevent robots scraping data directly off my website, you can however view new items listed via the OrbusVR Community Discord or my own discord server.

Appreciate the concern, I actually have yet to develop those pages, if you look at the links they are just pointed to the main page. Any specifics you are looking for I can help address?

I am not sure if it has changed but upon being redirected to the main page I was getting a message that told me I had to log in to use the site services.

I can’t think of any questions until I know the rules… not trying to be a wiseass… but specifically I want to know the rules surrounding your TOS and Privacy Policy.

I will keep checking back. Thanks! :slight_smile: