OrbusVR 10.73 Patch Notes


Hey everyone,

Servers will be going live shortly. We’ve made a few changes since the Beta on Friday, here’s a quick overview:

  • Scaling on secondary stats (Int, Str, Vitality, etc.) has been adjusted to address some inflation from the new Reborn gear.
  • Potions have been adjusted again (along with the above) and Aged Enhanced potions now give 250 point bonuses.
  • The Bard sound effects from playing notes are now much more restricted in terms of how far they can be heard.
  • Fixed some issues causing voice chat not to work after loading into a scene.
  • There is no longer a delay when starting dragon races.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause you to get stuck when exiting a dragon race after racing a dragon for the first time after buying it.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause loot bags to get stuck and disappear when you grabbed them.
  • The Personal Bubble is now triggered by holding down both menu buttons for 3 seconds (so as not to accidentally enable it when pushing the Menu button while using Push to Talk).
  • Rep vendor rewards will now show tooltips and explain what they are even if you can’t buy them yet.
  • Fishing journal pages should now correctly show number of times caught and weights.
  • You should now be able to correctly cast a Mage Portal to the Cutthroat teleport pillar.
  • The North direction has been re-worked to be consistent with the maps.
  • Fireball 1 now correctly adds to the journal.
  • Backer, Founder, and Epic Founder dragons now have their correct colorings.
  • Runemage spells cast by other players should now more correctly track toward their target.
  • You can now see when another player who is a Paladin throws their hammer.
  • If you charge bullets as a Scoundrel, you will no longer use the stored bullets when you burn a card.
  • The Mission tab should no longer scroll back to the top of the page randomly in the overworld.
  • Fix icons for some items including the aged enhanced potions.
  • Chaos Casters will no longer teleport to you, and Chaos Rusher teleports should no longer teleport on top of you.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause critter capture critters not to despawn.
  • If a public event ends while monsters for that event are spawned in, they will now correctly despawn.
  • New rings have been added to the loot tables of the world bosses, which have slightly higher stats.
  • World Bosses will now have a 100% drop rate for capes.
  • Your journal will now track your World Boss kills.
  • Fixed a bug causing the background music to repeatedly play on top of itself.
  • Some World Bosses have had additional mechanics added to their fights.

Oh, also, on the Fishing rep from having Fishing levels, when you first approach the vendor you will still be Level 1, but the first time you turn in a fishing mission, it should correctly use up all your “stored” rep that we gave you and level you up to the correct level. So just a heads up on that.

Fishing reputation not seemingly working

how new user can get this game? steam client didnt open purchase button


It should be there now in steam (buy button)


ok I customized my character and get an internet connectivity error right away (we all get the same in channel…) - is the server overloaded already?


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There were palyers logging in with their world PvP enabled that had been bandits in the old game, so we are restarting the server to clear all those flags, should be back up in bout min


Looks like it’s up now, thanks!


Its back up, thanks for the patience.


Mage spells are greaaaat :rofl:


Does that only happen when there’s tons of people around? If you go into your Player House is it doing that?


Just tested it. Also happening in the house.


Okay we are working on tracking it down, sorry about that. Always something on launch day.


Just as a general heads up currently tracking:

  • Runemage missiles sporadic
  • Getting errors while trying to login on a chracter (remote host closed), working on those now.

This should be fixed.


A new client side patch just went out which should fix the Runemage spell behaviour. Restart Steam/Oculus store to force it to find it right away and update you.


Battlegrounds more then half the ppl not having hands or anything again :roll_eyes:


Can you send your output log please.


K sended to [email protected]


Mage spell are still broken. Not consistently anymore. But now once in a while they stay broken for a bit shooting in all directions.