OrbusVR Biggest Problems - A plea for change and focus


Hi @Riley_D @Robert @Mathieu_D @kyle_l @Jake_E,

I am writing this on behalf of some people in the end game community who are simply exhausted from the bugs and problems that have been in the game from day 1 here so please read carefully.

Over the last 2 years we have really enjoyed playing OrbusVR but right now there are still too many basic bugs that put us off and kill off our enjoyment in the game.

The top problems include (and definitely not limited to):

  • Random desyncs (game breaking)
  • Random crashes in the middle of boss fights (game breaking)
  • Weapons just stop working mid combat causing wipes or loss in damage. (game breaking)
  • Lack of true progressive PvE content other than raids and dungeons (right now it just feels like a dungeon runner).
  • Disappearing health bars
  • Spells persistently staying in game
  • Spell initialization causing lag
  • Losing frame rates after a few fights.
  • Pally aggro issues (nearly unusable class at high level end game) (game breaking).
  • Stuck combat bugs (game breaking)
  • Bad exp from mob grinding (forced to do quests and missions for leveling up).
  • Bad and unorganized loot from grinding (no clear loot progression until end game).
  • No engaging solo/small group content outside of dungeons
  • No clear reason to explore / be immersed in the OrbusVR world

Because of all these game breaking problems, there is a high possibility that those here who have signed their name against this are going to jump to whatever the next Alpha VRMMO in a playable state is released. Some people that have signed have already made plans to jump or have actively stopped playing VRMMOs all together.

Obviously we don’t want to do that but all of these problems combined results in a seemingly unpolished game and fragmented experience. Given that it kills off any fun it looks likely that this is logically what will happen.

We believe there needs to be changes and focus on these problems.

Signed (some of) your end game community:

Rickness_Voidwalker, J11, Arthanos, Landru, Justin, Bral, Cam, Archive, Human, Kizzlet0n, Infraggable_Krunk, DocAibolit, SweatyPancakes, Chezil, Rockabella, sean_d, Denmo, Fort_M, Burnator, Alu, Axile_Salamandra, AcaviGER, Vasilia_F, Sift, ChaseChair

To keep this thread constructive, If you would like to sign this too for your own reasons, Please reply below with what the biggest problem is for you that has/will put you off playing so that the biggest problems are clear.


I would like to start by stating my own personal biggest problem which is every week when we clear content, we wipe on bosses. Not because of skill issues but because of a combination of the bugs mentioned above. This for me in combination of no real challenging content right now is what kills off the fun.

The 2 triggers which pushed me to sign this are;

  • A bug ridden raiding experience - Last night game bugs kept causing us to wipe and after clearing hard mode we stopped half way through the allotted raid time because of it. Half of us only log on to do raids or dungeons these days… so when we are stopping half way through our 3 hour slot for a weekly raid… It gets me wondering what state the game is truly in right now for those of us who are not playing the game for purely social reasons.

  • Lack of good prioritization or focus on feature release - This recent ‘festival’ release where the goal is to just kill the same mobs again and again and get loot. I mean… that really isn’t fun especially when there is no challenge… Not even a mini boss to kill… You focused on releasing this instead of listening to the big problems that have been mentioned on the forums… Red flags everywhere.

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Going a little off this as I feel similarly; while I agree that “new” things will most likely help increase player activity and longevity of a game as it’ll bring players back, (I think the idea of this event was really good besides the obvious grindfest of the quests, I think the fall harvest idea was decent) the core game has some issues[bugs] that needs to be addressed.

I believe that the priority should be more on the fixing before adding new things. If the car’s engine doesn’t work well but you add new paint on the of the car it’ll look better but it won’t function better.


right? It is like pouring water in to a bucket with a hole in it. If the problem is the hole it doesn’t matter how much water you pour in to the bucket, it will never carry that water back to the market to sell.


honestly there are so so many bugs in the raids, makes it pretty un-fun
you can put my name on the list if you wish

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One thing I’ve noticed is most bugs in the game are network related, caused by badly put together networking code. I think the devs need to hire someone new who’s better with network stuff and maybe the game will get better. Don’t get me wrong, the devs are great, but when it comes to network related stuff, they just have no clue what they’re doing…

The biggest issue I probably have right now is the voice chat breaking. It has caused me to fail many dungeons due to people giving up because I can’t explain boss mechanics to them, because they’re unable to hear me, and I even had one person call me an elitist simply because I was trying to show them a shortcut when they were unable to hear me. It is genuinely infuriating, and the reason it happens is because they’re not great at coding network stuff. I love the work you devs are doing but please do some more research and learn more about it or get someone who knows more about what they’re doing.


As for problems go, this is probably the cause for most.


How dare you make a list of problems. The devs haven’t made any mistakes with the game. You’re obviously playing it wrong.


“*Please reply below with what the biggest problem is for you that has/will put you off playing so that the biggest problems are clear.”

I’ll try to make it as brief as possible or my post would be ginormous. There are lots of ways to improve the game.

Summary: Classes/Combat/Content (C^3). (and may be +community for C^4, though this is part of content)
Classes: Runemage, while itself could improve in many ways to make it an extraordinarily enjoyable class, is the only class with enough depth to catch my interest. There’s no appeal for me to level other classes other than to be able to play more roles in dungeons. I’ve made several suggestion threads / comments on how to address every single class, I am pretty sure. I’ve made this section small, because it’s all in my post history… this is very important.

Combat: There are only 3 or 4 types of mobs outside of raids/bosses. The mechanics are simple, like the ranged mobs can be 100% circumvented just by teleporting a short distance such that they pose no threat. - I DO like the dodge mechanic. It’s just that they there’s not much else and the reaction time required is also quite low (sometimes some of them can cast an unavoidable dot). Combat is also super important.

(Meaningful) Content: The hardest open world content is easily soloable. Repeatable missions are abused, and you can get a class to level 30 without leaving Highsteppe, so you can end up with level 30’s bad at their class too. There’s little incentive to level up in a group, it’s mostly doing dailies/porting around to world-events. There’s the grinder, but there’s not much incentive to really go back into the world and do things (like leveling your alt classes). There’s no like open-world epics, J-for Jester kind of items, droppable tradables, mob-specific cosmetics/tradables. I’d kind of rather loot dram sometimes than an item I have to break then sell the shard of, in amounts maybe more than 30 dram(green crystal). Why farm the hardest mobs if they are equally rewarding? I also hit level 30 super quick, probably largely due to the ease of leveling with world missions and dailies. Maybe each class should just instead have it’s own set of quests, starting with Randall outside of town? And keep the weeklies(per class), but remove the dailies? Also all the dungeons are just located right in town. It used to be more community/group oriented when you had to meet up, gate, and get over to the dungeon / take in the immersion. The accessibility of raids/dungeons makes the feel of a dungeon more grindy/mechanical. I liked the exploration aspects much more. There is a vast world, and Highsteppe is large, but it’s actually mostly empty. More quests - even if they were just dumb (find the kids teddy bear in the Jungle…). These would be better than daily missions, do world events, harvest, fish… because they would build the world and give you reason to actually explore the various points in the world. Which, ideally, would be more populated with more diverse mobs. As well as more local NPCs in each region so that when you actually travel somewhere you can pick up all new local quests. You used to get like jungle-themed armor, and so forth. It gave a sense of progression/region immersion and not just a generic leveling experience. You want your next best weapon? Go explore the next region. Not just level up, get a chest, and equip whatever you get. Dungeon mechanics should evolve as shards level up, like more boss-mechanics so that players have to learn new things, experience the new challenge, and grow more rather than just juice up all the numbers and add a few more affixes to the shard. The world events are kind of meh. Throw the fish into the boat, throw the shards into the portal, pick up the crystals falling from the ceiling and put them in the grinder. Defend these walls, get mobs out of the circle. In moderation this is fine, but you simply can’t pass up the xp. You simply repeat an action to fill up a bar, and the XP/rewards are strong enough to not pass up the chance. I wish these were less often, and more evolved than their current state. I would be happy if you removed most of them, and slowly added back improved world events. Or like how about player-triggered world events instead of just a clock-cycle? Get a special -RARE (so people don’t just have stacks of 99 of them) item drop that can summon a world-boss out of the high-steppe portal? Maybe limit this event so that it can only happen once every 6 hours(to prevent people who might have 99 stacks)? Maybe announce some of them globally/drop the light beacon that they are happening? For something like the portal mission in highsteppe, how about opening the portal to fight some kind of boss, with some kind of crazy mechanics on top of where they are shooting the arrows/crystals at you(and u cant just toss them back) and you have to fight all the crap that spawns from the arrows while trying to do several other objectives? Maybe these world events have a chance themselves of getting some kind of rare loot specific to that world event, which was already rare to get the item to spawn it? Then players could organize groups of people and meet up to take on the challenge. How about players can actually fail these events? And don’t make it where failing still can give u 5k xp instead of 7.5k? I can go on for awhile. There is neither risk nor, often, a feeling of a deserved reward. This last one is perhaps more a personal preference, but there is not really unique equipment in this game. There is +% crit dmg, projectile dmg, etc… your upgraded wand does more damage. Some of the affixes are bad. I’d personally wish away 100% unbending (just get rid of it, it’s obviously way too good…), and all of the affixes & add armor/weapon enchanting into the game. Then add unique weapons/armor effects like for unique wands with unique designs: (Frostheart: your frost spells travel farther, slow attack speed, and do increased damage - to include ice lance). (Firestarter: Your fire spells now apply a charge of burning, doing increased damage per charge in the stack of burning(up to an amount)). (Wand of Torment: Your affliction spells do increased damage, and have a chance to spread to nearby targets every tick). (Arcane Echo: Your arcane blast does increased damage, targets hit have a chance for each target hit to explode a second time, in a smaller aoe. Your arcane ray spell condenses itself over time into a more powerful version of itself, and can be channeled while holding the A button, doing increased damage the longer you channel it, for up to 8 seconds) And so forth… to start adding more flavor/diversity/choices within a single class. It probably would be a good idea to take a fire mage/ice mage to stack their benefits, rather than have two identical mages. “Who wants to be the frost mage tonight?” Or to be known as the best-type of a mage for a particular archetype. To promote different tilesets, etc. The old plant boss was pretty nifty that you atleast had to drink ithecac to get there, which at the time wasn’t NPC-purchasable(thus hard-capping the price one can craft/sell the potion…)

Dyes used to be kind of rare, so were mage reagents, now both are very common except for rare dyes. People sell stacks of 99 of them. It would be cool to like instead combine-dyes(like alchemy), etc. I like the auction house, I’ve used it, but there’s a limit of what can go up there. Also all these alchemy pots require fish…harvesting is one thing but fishing is another. I’d rather see like cooking added (like faster hp regen, in-combat stamina regen, some other kind of buffs?), and maybe the occasional fish used insome alchemy? It makes alchemy much less accessible. Also, more pots that can be aged would be fun, really like every potion, just to use make mechanic more appealing. Honestly, just more potions too. They should have value (especially because the aging process) but there should be tiers of potions. Yes there is regular/enhanced. It’s just that nobody super uses alchemy except for fishing or raids. How many noobs have you seen actually buy an hp pot and use it in combat outside that wasn’t from the initial quest? Imagine if players could craft/sell them reasonably. Go ahead and make the enhanced dmg ‘raid’ potions super expensive and difficult, that is fine honestly because it’s for serious raiders. I’m glad an economy exists now, to some extent, but it’s very rough around the edges.


Looking at that list of names, I’m sad because I don’t want to lose my in-game buddies, but excited about my soon to be top 5 DPS spot lol


@Rily a tunnel in highstepp to access Old orbus an a lot of us would be happier.


How about actually doing everything that was promised to be done in the beta? Like idk, just the small things like class balancing. Just little things to make it so that half the classes aren’t useless on most fights, ya know?


This is one of the biggest problems for me, the only way to progress your character past 30 is to join a guild and shard/raid with a guild which is necessary.




Wich ones?


one thing I want to add is this is shit LOD we have if you sit down you cant view half the things in the game with any detail, we get like a 5 foot render distant and then it goes to shit, I mean I’m short sited and I find the distance that the player can see to mean that the glasses from public events should not just be for show. an example of this is the new buleten board out side the player house if you leave the player house all you see is white blocks on a board, the pillars outside of highstepp swap out moddles when to get close to them making it seem like there broken or bugged out. I have my graphics settings in orbus on ultra but it just seems pointless if I can’t see the distance for the graphics to be useful, I don’t know if this is just a vive issue but I have spoken to other people with different head sets and that have the same issue, it also doesn’t help the the new floor textures are just a posterised picture of a seel that is copyed and pasted over and over again, don’t get me wrong I do like orbus a lot and I don’t think I want to quit but this has been an issue for new orbus for a long while and I think it adds to my dislike of the new art stile, that and all the enemies are shiny and thats just odd.


Hi i’m actually very near sighted and the board outside the house is indeed very small but they’re not white for me I can see text and I can read the ones who are on the lower part only the upper part is not possible for me to. Actually I don’t think that it’s to complicated for the developers to do something like pointing to the things you like to get closer or pointing and zoom whould work perfect I think.


thanks riley


you forgot to mention all the VOICE problems with the game and we are FORCED to use Discord…

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I think someone did already mention that as their biggest problem in the thread yeah.

Because at organized end game everyone is expected to use voice it is not a problem that we actively have so I am glad that others have mentioned it. I am not aware that voice is broken personally because I have had it switched off 99% of the time since game release.