Orbusvr season changes


it would be so cool to have a orbus season change during the holidays like winter snow in orbus


christmas musssiccc



Please no.


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there were different biomes in old orbus, desert jungs, and winter terrain +1 underground location, I think you just have to wait for new locations to be introduced. the game is just released and is at the beginning of its journey ( sorry for my bad english)


i mean like on Christmas day snow in highstep


Yes, she means that as seasons change irl the in-game overworld changes to match it. An example would be irl winter = in game winter


The game has it’s own months, 1 day in game = 5 hours IRL, right now it’s month 10 in game you can see this on the server API http://api-reborn.orbusvr.com/servertime

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thats true, but we are talking about weather changes depending on the season.
i guess it would make more sense if the different seasons were based of in-game times


Just some changes for the holidays would be nice… like adding santa hard to the enemies and some decorations… and a Santa boss.


That drops a special revival item that you can only use 30 seconds after death


What about the fact that the southern hemisphere has opposite seasons? In Australia, Christmas occurs in the middle of summer.

It seems more reasonable to have seasons which are independent of the real world and rather match with the in-game months. :upside_down_face:


Yup I would prefer it this way too, I think Riley said before he wanted to base events this way too cause people are normally busy during the real life holidays so if he was ever to add seasonal weather then it would hopefully be this way


New overworld drops
Easter- bunny ears
Halloween- pumpkin head
Christmas- Christmas hat
Thanksgiving- TURKEY PET!!! cough sorry cough
Feel free to add to my list :grin: ( I know it’s a bit off topic, but close enough)


user birthday birthday hat


Wouldn’t that he one hell of a drop. Overworld b-day hat only obtainable on your birthday same drop rate as all the others good luck and happy birthday :joy:


But not using the same overworld drop method that currently exists (or maybe double/triple the amount?) because it still takes a while to get one (I have yet to get one at all) and favors the UK players and players who play on the server when there’s fewer people on.


pretty sure player count has nothing to do with the drop, afaik it’s a per player roll not one across the whole server


Ya, I can agree with the increase in drop rate. I do however like the idea of them being rare drops. Maybe you don’t get it this year, but you have something to shoot for next year. Wouldn’t be much of a special item if everyone had it but the end of the season.